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Headstone and Gravestone Design

Rome Monument Provides Headstone and Gravestone Design Services at Our Showrooms in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Click here to browse our Headstone and Gravestone Design Gallery. All the monuments in our gallery were designed by Rome Monuments.
  • We design headstones and gravestones for a wide variety of nationalities, religions and ethnicities in different styles, shapes, sizes, granite colors and price ranges.
  • The Rome Monument memorialist begin the grave marker design process by talking with our customers to formulate a basic plan and purpose for the memorial or tombstone.
  • We show our customers examples of actual headstones in the showroom. In other cases, our customers have decided on a design they already like by browsing our online monument Design Gallery.
  • Once a good plan or outline for the memorial has been contrived and conceived, we often custom design a monument or memorial for a client by preparing a preliminary sketch or CAD drawing of the cemetery, private or public memorial. This sketch or drawing becomes the artistic "blueprint", technical drawing or "plan" for the form and structure of the headstone, mausoleum, memorial bench or grave marker.
  • Only when our customer has approved of the design features such as granite color, size, shape, carving components, inscriptions and attachments do we move the headstone construction project into the execution portion of the work production process at our Artisan Center in Monaca, PA
  • Since 1934, the skilled craftsmen at Rome Monument have inscribed the deceased's name, date of birth, and date of death on the headstones and gravestones purchased by Pennsylvania families. We often inscribe personal messages, lettering, epitaphs, sayings, quotes or prayers on the grave markers and monuments.
  • If you are interested in talking with Rome Monument about our headstone and gravestone design services, call 724-770-0100, visit a showroom in the Pittsburgh area, contact us online or schedule a design meeting at a showroom.
  • We are experts at carving,sculpting, engraving and etching funerary art, including the finest details in stone relief. 
  • The headstone and gravestone designers at Rome Monument are experts at producing custom cemetery monuments with personal portraits and pictures. We often include a framed photograph or cameo of the deceased on the headstones, monuments and gravestones we create.
  • Our cemetery monument designers use design software to incorporate different fonts, photos and religious symbolism onto the memorials and monuments we design.
  • We deliver to Pittsburgh cemeteries and other locations throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Custom Headstone and Gravestone Design Services

Rome Monument specializes in custom made headstone and gravestone design services. The cemetery, private and public memorials we design fit the specific needs and requirements of a particular person or organization. The monument size, the memorial shape, the granite color and the personlized artwork are all tailor-made to comply with the exact requests of our customers. Every monument we build is made-to-order. We take great pride in our custom design capabilities and hope that you will take a few minutes to check out our work.

The best way to learn how to order a custom made headstone or monument is to browse our Design Gallery to see examples of personalized gravestones, grave markers, mausoleums, memorial benches, public monments and civic memorials. Each headstone you view in the Design Galleries will include specific price ranges. We are experts at handcrafting unique cemetery monuments. For four generations we have excelled at carving, engraving, etching and sculpting one-of-a-kind artwork into the design of the monuments we build. To order a custom designed monument or to get prices call 724-770-0100 or click here to request an estimate.

Rome Monument specializes in designing customized monuments and grave markers that incorporate the following in the artwork, etchings, engravings, bas relief, sculpted elements and monument shape.

All carving and lettering is done in-house by Rome Monument's certified master carvers in the company’s 30,000-square-foot manufacturing space in Monaca, PA at the Rome Monument Works Artisan Center.