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Mausoleum Construction Company And Mausoleum Builder

Chapel Mausoleums Sold By Rome Monument Start at $180,000

About Our Mausoleum Construction Company
Rome Monument is a mausoleum construction company, mausoleum contractor and mausoleum builder with over 80 years of experience as a design/builder of private family mausoleums for cemeteries and memorial parks.

We design, build and install single crypt mausoleums, two crypt mausoleums, private estate mausoleums, family mausoleumschapel mausoleums and garden mausoleums for families throughout the United States.

Mausoleum Design Plans and Construction Contracts
We draft mausoleum design plans using CAD software and present these drawings and renderings to our clients for approval before beginning construction.

The mausoleum construction drawings we produce and submit to our clients include precise dimensioned architectural plans, structural plans, electrical plans and mechanical specifications. We present out customers with construction contracts that define how much it will cost to build their mausoleum.

Click here to view pictures of mausoleums designed and built by Rome Monument.

Mausoleum Construction Standards

Our rigorous and meticulous mausoleum construction standards ensure the following safeguards and customer service requirements. 

  • Safe and permanent
  • Quality construction, craftsmanship and reliability
  • Engineering excellence
  • Thorough site condition acceptability
  • Competent architectural design and structural analysis
  • First-rate granite and marble installation
  • Design and construction for seismic load protection
  • Solid concrete foundations
  • Resistant to hurricanes and storm damage
  • Resistant to fire and use incombustible materials
  • Plumbing work complies with provisions of the Uniform Plumbing Code
  • Properly ventilated mausoleums and crypts
  • Electrical work complies with the provisions of the National Electrical Code
  • Adequate drainage
  • Permanently secure and protected doors, windows, walls and crypts
  • Proper selection of building materials
  • Compliance with existing zone laws
  • Prevention of 'mausoleum odors' created by decomposing human remains
  • Adequate crypt foundation plans
  • Top-end mausoleum niche manufacturing and installation
  • On-time and on-budget
  • Surpassing performance requirements
  • Qualified field supervision and management
  • Timely delivery and installation of mausoleums
  • Professional installation methodologies
  • Quality control
  • Adequate warranties
  • Permitting process, inspection and third party vendor compliance
  • Post construction support
  • Reliable mausoleum cleaning, maintenance and restoration services

Prices For Private Family Mausoleums, Single Crypt Mausoleums, Two Crypt Mausoleums and Walk In Mausoleums

How People Commission the Design and Construction of a Mausoleum

The design and construction of a custom mausoleum from Rome Monument starts with a personal consultation at your home, office, or our showroom.  To get started on your private family mausoleum: 

This video shows you examples of custom designed private family and estate mausoleums for sale by Rome Monument. It also explains how you can order or purchase a completely customized private family mausoleum from a Rome Monument Showroom in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, or from your home anywhere in the United States. Once designed and constructed, the mausoleum is delivered, assembled and installed in the cemetery of your choice.  You can order, buy, purchase and commission a Private Family Mausoleum with any number of crypts in different styles, shapes, sizes, and price ranges.