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How Monument Prices are Determined

Learn How Monument and Headstone Prices and Costs Are Determined

A number of distinct factors directly affect how monument prices are determined including size, type, material, and design detail, and engraving. The price of a granite memorial depends primarily on marker size and the type of granite used. Millions of monuments of widely varying costs are purchased every year by people doing it for the first time. Informed consumers wisely take time to understand what goes into crafting a memorial. Knowing your options better prepares you to choose the right monument, marker or headstone to fit your needs and budget without problems.  We have answers and are happy to guide you on understanding all aspects of how monument prices are determined. Just give us a call anytime at 724-770-0100.  Rome Monument is one of the leaders in the cemetery monument and memorial industry. Rome Monument designs high quality completely customized monuments for families and individuals all across the United States. Rome Monument is one of the few national retailers that also provides headstone and gravestone installation services in cemeteries throughout the lower 48 states

Ballpark Price Ranges for Monuments and Headstones

Factors That Affect The Cost of a Headstone, Cemetery Memorial or Monument

In general, monument prices are affected by the following factors:

What type of granite memorial do you want to buy? Typically you can choose from:

What size is the memorial? Each of these memorial types is available in different sizes and shapes, and cost increases as the amount of granite used increases. Monuments memorializing two people are typically larger than single-grave memorials.

What grade and color is the granite selected? Granite is some of the oldest and hardest stone on earth; it’s created through unique geologic processes, and comes in different varieties, colors, and grades. It is sourced from domestic and international quarries, each with unique characteristics and variations in durability and color. Granite’s “grade” or quality is a measure of the material’s durability, density, structural integrity, consistency, suitability for cutting, crafting and finishing. More durable varieties of granite are best for crafting memorials, and higher grade, highly durable, highly consistent granite varieties are typically higher priced­—because they look better and last longer. More common and readily available granite varieties and colors are usually priced lower (more supply). Harder to find granite varieties and colors are often priced higher. Source location and shipping distance also affects price.

The quarries we rely on in the United States, Canada, and Africa are rigorously selected for high durability and rich color. Different quarries yield different mineral compositions in the stones, accounting for variations in durability and color.

What are the Design Elements / Customization Options? The range of custom memorial and headstone design options is limited only by your imagination and your cemetery’s limitations and rules. Most any artistic design can be carved into granite or crafted into bronze. Granite carving processes can be simple or complex, one dimensional or multi-dimensional. Higher priced monuments usually include complex artwork, portraits, longer epitaphs or quotes, laser etching, hand etching, porcelain portraits, unique colors, artistic carving, detailed imagery, and custom designs. The simpler or more basic the monument design, the lower its price.

What is the Quality of Craftsmanship? Craftsmen, designers, and technicians customize each monument’s artistic features. The experience, training, and capabilities of these individuals also affect the cost of producing high-caliber finished products. Monument prices are affected accordingly. The craftsmanship levels specified for monument design and construction directly effect the final price for a memorial purchase.

The better the material, and the more material, craftsmanship, and design involved, the better the value and the higher the price. By paying close attention to the factors above you’ll be able to select and design the right monument at the right price for your needs.

And if you need help, just call us at 724-770-0100 and one of our monument design specialists will help you get the answers you need to plan and manage your loved one’s monument creation prudently and effectively.

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