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Discounts, Promotions and On Sale Items

Inexpensive and Affordable Headstones and Monuments For Sale

Rome Monument of Pittsburgh periodically has stock granite items in stock that were created in previous years that we can offer a discount.  If you are interested in saving some money when you purchase a monument, memorial, gravestone, headstone or grave marker, call 724-770-0100.

Call 724-770-0100 if you are interested in buying an inexpensive or cheap headstone. While the quality of our craftsmenship and the materials we use is certainly not low quality, we can sometimes offer low priced gravestones and grave markers to our customers in Pittsburgh, PA. We have a complete line of budget oriented monuments and memorials.  Click here to view pictures of affordable basic flat gravestones and grave markers with prices starting at $300.00. We also have a line of inexpensive basic upright monuments starting at $700.00.

Rome Monument strives to sell our monuments, memorials and headstones at affordably modest rates while at the same time offering the highest quality merchandise available. If you are looking for an economical headstone or memorial that doesn't cost too much, call 724-770-0100. We care about the families in Pittsburgh so much that we will practically giveaway our headstones and monuments to help out a family in need.

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Rome Monument's Complimentary Infant Memorial Program

This personalized service is designed to make available a $200-value memorial to parents who have lost an infant of 18 months or younger in the past 12 months free of charge. Parents may select any design from Rome Monument's catalog. Memorials are made of Gray or Rose granite only and are 12" x 12".  This program is for Western Pennsylvania cemeteries only.  These memorials are not available to be shipped.  If your cemtery does not allow a flush flat granite marker, we can offer you the $200 discount on your selection.

Memorial and Monument Payment Options

Rome Monument offers a 36 month interest free installment payment option. Call 724-770-0100 for detailed information. Other payment options include the following.

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit Card
  • Money Order
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Cashier's Check

Warranties and Our Guarantee

  • Rome Monuments offers a money back guarantee for every memorial we sell against defects in material or workmanship.
  • Rome Monument owned showrooms are proud to be the ONLY memorialist in Western Pennsylvania able to offer Genuine Rock of Ages cemetery memorials and gravestones backed by the Rock of Ages Perpetual Warranty that is protected by a Perpetual independent Trust Company.