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Basic Upright Monument ($700 to $1,200) Designs

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Rome Monument specializes in designing inexpensive basic upright monuments ranging in price from $700 to $1200. The cost depends on various factors such as style, shape, size, granite color, and the complexity of the etchings, engravings, portraits, epitaphs and inscriptions that enhance the beauty and personalize the message on the monument. They can include symbols and imagery that convey the specific nationality or religion of the deceased. You can select from a wide variety of Basic Upright Monuments for both traditional and cremation memorials in different price ranges.

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If you find a monument or memorial that you like, you can add it to “My Family's Favorite Designs”, share the design on social media, email the design to a family member, request a price estimate and much more.  After you choose your monument design you can then schedule a meeting in a showroom to discuss a design and price by calling 724-770-0100 or clicking here to contact us.