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Cemetery Info

Information on Cemeteries and Memorial Parks in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania Is Listed Below

Picture of a Pittsburgh Cemetery - Click to Request Pittsburgh Cemetery Information from Rome Monument



List of Pittsburgh Cemeteries With Contact Info (More Info >)

Request Information About A Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA (More Info >)

It Helps To Talk to a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor  (More Info >)

  • To choose the right cemetery, burial plot or memorial products it helps to talk to a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor at Rome Monument.
  • Rome Monument’s experienced Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisors can answer all your cemetery burial and interment questions quickly and professionally and help you make the best decision.
  • When considering cemetery options, consider factors such as location, the quality of the cemetery facilities, types of burial services offered, cremation options and location impact on plot pricing.
  • A counselor can answer your questions quickly and professionally if you call 724-770-0100 or complete the online form.
  • Rome Monument is one of the leaders in the cemetery monument and memorial industry.

About Cemeteries and Memorial Parks in Pittsburgh, PA (More Info >)

Engraving Service for Monuments Set in Pittsburgh Cemeteries  (More Info >)

Rules, Policies and Regulations at Cemeteries in Pittsburgh (More Info >)

  • If you’re planning to arrange a burial or buy a monument, knowing cemetery rules and regulations in advance will likely save you time, money and anxiety.
  • Every cemetery has its own set of rules and regulations governing how burials are conducted, monuments, park aesthetics, and many other matters. In fact, different sections of cemeteries often have different rules. Some sections within one cemetery may allow upright monuments, while others may not, for example.
  • Before buying a plot, and before buying a monument or grave marker, be sure you have carefully reviewed your cemetery’s rules and regulations to ensure you understand how any rules and limitations may affect your memorial plans and objectives.
  • We are familiar with the rules, standards, guidelines, policies and regulations at cemeteries and memorial parks in the following Pennsylvania counties; Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Beaver County, Butler County, Fayette County, Greene County, Lawrence County, Washington County and Westmoreland County.
  • For information about rules, policies, standards, guidelines and regulations at cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA contact Rome Monument at 724-770-0100 or click here.

Cemetery Cremation Memorials for Pittsburgh Families (More Info >)

  • If your husband, wife, mother, father or sibling has chosen to be cremated, you can rely on Rome Monument to collaborate with your family to design and create a heartfelt cremation memorial that will adequately preserve their memory for years to come.
  • Rome Monument sells, designs, creates and installs cremation memorials and monuments for families and cemeteries in Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA.
  • In addition to specializing in cremation burial memorials, the folks here at Rome Monument are certified by the ICCFA (International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association) to administer, organize, and arrange cremations, and are fully qualified to explain the cremation process, cremation costs, burial and internment services, memorialization options and other important details that will empower you and help you make the right decisions when the time arrives.
  • Click here to view pictures of cremation burial memorials and monuments we have designed in our Design Gallery.

How to Choose a Cemetery for a Burial or Interment in Pittsburgh (More Info >)

  • When planning a burial or interment and before your choose a cemetery in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, or Southwestern Pennsylvania, it is important to understand and learn all your options well in advance of the actual passing of a loved one.
  • Nowadays, reasons for choosing a new cemetery for family graves include monument, headstone and grave marker restrictions, cemetery locations, cost, the availability of cemetery space, the quality of the grounds management, changes to neighborhoods surrounding the cemetery and because the extended family has dispersed to live in different locations in Pittsburgh's environs.
  • Families and individuals understand the importance of planning for cemetery space when a relative or they themselves are nearing the end of their life. Please feel free to call 724-770-0100 or click here to contact a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor.
  • When planning for your own final resting place or to bury your family members, please consider the following recommendations listed here.

How To Find A Gravesite in a Pittsburgh Cemetery (More Info >)

How To Order a Monument or Marker for a Pittsburgh Cemetery (More Info >)

  • The most efficient method of ordering a monument for a Pittsburgh cemetery is to schedule a design meeting at one of our showrooms.
  • Learn how to order and purchase a monument or grave marker for your family that will be installed in a cemetery or memorial park in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • We supply families, cemeteries and funeral homes with custom designed cemetery monuments and memorials in the following Pennsylvania counties; Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Beaver County, Butler County, Fayette County, Greene County, Lawrence County, Washington County and Westmoreland County.
  • If you or your family is interested in buying a monument that will be installed in a cemetery in Pittsburgh, Rome Monument is your best choice.
  • To place a purchase order for a monument, headstone, gravestone or memorial that will be installed in a cemetery or memorial park in Pittsburgh, call Rome Monument at 724-770-0100 or review the information listed here.

How to Purchase a Cemetery Lot or Burial Plot in Pittsburgh (More Info >)

  • Learn how and where to purchase a cemetery lot or burial plot for traditional ground burials or cremation burials in a cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Understand the basics of purchasing the following; burial lots, graves, gravesites, burial spaces, columbarium niches, burial space, grave space, grave plots, family plots, cemetery lots, vaults, mausoleums or mausoleum niches, crypts and cemetery property.
  • Learn about the different aspects of purchasing burial space for cremated remains (cremains) in Pittsburgh cemeteries and memorial parks.
  • Learn about different types of burial plots for sale in Pittsburgh including single plots, companion plots, family or estate plots and plots for cremated remains.
  • To request assistance with buying a burial plot or cemetery space in Pittsburgh cemetery, call 724-770-0100 or click here to talk with a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor.

Prices to Purchase Burial Plots in Cemeteries in Pittsburgh (More Info >)

  • Prices to purchase burial plots and gravesites in cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA typically range from $500 to $3,000 per space. Get more information.
  • Find private individual plot owners selling burial plots on "Buy and Sell" and Exchange websites.
  • Cemeteries also charge fees for "opening and closing" the grave, "perpetual care" and foundations for monuments. In situations where Rome Monument is not installing the memorial, monument or grave marker, cemeteries may charge an installation fee.
  • If you would like more specific information about prices for burial plots in Pittsburgh cemeteries or memorial parks, call Rome Monument at 724-770-0100 or click here to contact a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor.

How and Where to Buy Burial Plots For Sale in Pittsburgh (More Info >)

Find Cemetery, Burial and Interment Records in Pittsburgh (More Info >)

Pittsburgh Cemetery Preservation and Restoration Services (More Info >)

How To Make Arrangements With a Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA (More Info >)

Traditional and Cremation Burials in Pittsburgh Cemeteries (More Info >)

Ideas For Gravesite Visitations: Why, When and What To Do (More Info >)

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