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Pittsburgh Cemetery Restoration Services

Rome Monument Helps To Restore, Preserve, Maintain and Protect Historic and Working Cemeteries in Pittsburgh

Rome Monument volunteered its services to help clean the 200 headstones Riverview Cemetery in Kiski Township

Pittsburgh Cemetery and Monument Preservation, Repair, Maintenance and Restoration Services

  • Rome Monument provides cemetery, mausoleum, headstone and monument restoration services on both a contract and volunteer basis, time and resources permitting. Call 724-770-0100 and ask to speak with Vince Dioguardi to discuss a cemetery or monument (s) preservation and restoration project in Pittsburgh's Tri-State area. Click here to request cemetery or monument (s) preservation and restoration services by using an online inquiry form.
  • If you or your organization would like to talk to Rome Monument about a project to preserve, protect and fix up gravesites, cemeteries, human burial sites, monuments and memorials from the damage caused by mankind and the environment call 724-770-0100.
  • In the case of headstones that have become worn beyond readability, there is little Rome Monument can do to restore the original legibility. However, we can redesign and replace the cemetery memorial on behalf of an organization, cemetery, individual or family upon request.
  • Our staff knows how to precisely repair cracked and broken historic and current headstones, statues, tombstones, crypts and mausoleums. We can level monuments, secure unsteady memorials and stabilize historic cemetery structures and gravestones.
  • Another organization in Pennsylvania that is also committed to historic cemetery preservation is the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC).
  • Throughout Pittsburgh's Tri-State region, historic cemeteries are fading into the past and becoming overgrown because of the lack of financial resources possessed by the cemetery administrators, cemetery mismanagement, inappropriate real esate development, a lack of vision in public policy and community neglect.
  • The owners and management staff at Rome Monument feel that historic cemeteries in Pittsburgh are a source of pride for the communities in which they reside. We also feel that our ancestors would be proud of our efforts to preserve their heritage and history. Mankind, by nature should have a feeling of respect and reverance for the people that have passed before us. Rome Monument, a fourth generation monument company actively encourages the preservation of historic cemeteries and often volunteers our time and resources to getting them back in shape so that future generations can visit them and pay their respects, reflect and learn. We are always interested in projects that will restore and preserve antiquated cemeteries in the Pittsburgh area. It is our firm belief at Rome Monument that distinctive older cemeteries should be treasured, restored and maintained whenever possible.
  • Rome Monument is always willing to do it's part to preserve the historic records contained in the inscriptions on pioneer tombstones located in old cemeteries in Pennsylvania and Pitttsburgh. We also do what we can to restore and preserve church cemeteries in the Pittsburgh area.

Monument and Headstone Restoration and Repair

Occasionally monuments, grave markers and cemetery memorials need to be repaired because of damage caused by natural forces or vandalism. The Rome Monument Cleaning and Repair Crew are experts at fixing monuments that have been broken, spray painted, tipped over or dislodged from their base or foundation. We have been cleaning and repairing monuments and bronze markers in Pittsburgh since 1934 and are very familiar with almost every cemetery and historic burial ground in the Pittsburgh Tri-State region.

Our restoration and repair crew is very proficient at cleaning granite, sandstone, Nabresina (Italian limestone), Auresina (White Nabresina), concrete, marble, limestone, Portland limestone, Purbeck limestone, slate, green slate, brownstone, bronze, York Stone, fieldstones, iron, white bronze (sand cast zinc) and stainless steel.

Pittsburgh Cemetery Preservation and Restoration Services News

Rome Monument tries extremely hard to give back to the local communities in Western PA.  In 2015, Rome Monument volunteered its services to help clean the 200 headstones defaced with red paint in Riverview Cemetery in Kiski Township. A local newspaper published a story titled 'Miracle' product undoes grave marker damage in Riverview Cemetery explained the project. "Before we came in, we weren't sure it was going to work,” said John Dioguardi, retired owner of Rome Monuments. “Everything we have ever used never worked this well.” He said one benefit is that the product is not affecting the darkening agent used on the lettering. It's not leaving a ghost mark where the red paint was. “So what's happening is it's returning to what it looked like before,” Dioguardi said. “It's a miracle.”

Get Marty: Eagle Scout Working To Restore 200-Year-Old Penn Hills Cemetery
May 19, 2015

In 2013, Rome Monument worked with Grove Cemetery volunteers to get final recognition for forgotten veterans by making and installing grave markers at the Grove Cemetery for James Howard Bruien and Nathaniel Coburn.

In 2010, Rome Monument's Urbach Memorials restored 30 destroyed gravestones discovered in the Beth Hamedrash Hagodol-Beth Jacob Cemetery in McKees Rocks, PA

In 2002, Rome Monument's Urbach Memorials Branch Repaired Toppled Gravestones in the Beth Hamedrash Hagodol-Beth Jacob Cemetery in McKees Rocks, PA

John Dioguardi and Rome Monument Help Restore Historic Cemeteries
Published in Allegheny West Magainze in December 2011

Pittsburgh Lutherans Restore LCMS Historic Cemetery
September 25, 2013

Overgrown Cemetery in Hill District Restored
July 26, 2013