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Pittsburgh Cemetery Records

Learn How to Find and Access Cemetery Records, Burial Records and Interment Records That Designate The Final Resting Place of a Person in a Cemetery in Pittsburgh

Use the online resources on this page to research cemetery records in Pittsburgh to find a burial site, gravesite, burial plot, tomb, crypt, mausoleum, tombstone, headstone or grave in a cemetery or memorial park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Official cemetery records are used to locate gravesites and evidence and accounts of burials and interments. Most cemeteries in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Pennsylvania permanently record the names of people interred along with dates and the location in the cemetery where there gravesite is located. Genealogists use cemetery records as a resource during their research as one piece of evidence to determine what occured in a families history or lineage. Families and indiviudals use cemetery records to locate a family plot or the cemetery lot so that they can visit and pay their respects to the deceased.

Nowadays most cemetery records are recorded digitally as well as in a various written forms. Other researchers use cemetery records to view pictures of headstones or the inscriptions, names, birth and death dates that are engraved on the cemetery memorials. Listed below are resources that can be used to find the final resting place of a friend, family member or a celebrity or distinguished citizen. By using the online resources listed below you can locate burial permits, death indexes, burial records and death records for people who have interred in a Pittsburgh area cemetery.

One of the most famous people interred in a cemetery (Saint John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery) in the Pittsburgh area (Bethel Park) is the artist Andy Warhol.  He was born Andrew Warhola on August 6, 1928, in the neighborhood of Oakland in Pittsburgh, PA. There is even a live streaming webcam that allows people to view his memorial in the cemetery.

Another one of Pittsburgh's famous citizens that was interred in a Pittsburgh cemetery is Henry John Heinz, the founder of the H.J. Heinz Company that grew into one of the largest food processers in the United States. Henry John Heinz was born in Pittsburgh and lived in a thirty-room mansion called Greenlawn in Point Breeze, one of Pittsburgh’s most opulent neighborhoods. He passed away at his family's winter home in Hobe Sound, Florida, at the age of seventy-eight and was interred in the Homewood Cemetery in 1919.

People search for graves, burial sites and headstones in cemeteries in Pittsburgh for a variety of reasons. Some folks who have never visited the grave of a relative often try to locate the plot online. Other amateur and professional genealogists use the online resources listed below to study a family's lineage and history. The resources listed below are used to find historic or personally important gravesites in cemeteries and memorial parks in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Southwestern, Pennsyvlania. The burial and interment records are often used by people to discover information about their ancestors and kinfolk.

Find and Access Online Cemetery Records, Burial Records and Interment Records For Cemeteries In And Around Pittsburgh