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Traditional and Cremation Burials

Learn About Interment and Memorialization Options for Traditional and Cremation Burials in Cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA

Families and individuals in the Pittsburgh area are increasingly choosing cremation burials over traditional burials for a variety of reasons. Because religious attitudes related to cremation have evolved, more and more people are being cremated.  What many people don't realize, however, is that the memorialization process does not have to be any different when a person has been cremated. Most cemeteries in Pittsburgh permit cremated remains to be interred in their cemetery. In many cases, the final disposition of cremated remains in a cemetery is more affordable than with a tradional ground burial. Rome Monument offers a wide selection of cremation memorials.

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Cemeteries and memorial parks have been traditionally used by families in the Pittsburgh area for burying (interring) bodies or cremated ashes.  Many cemeteries in Pittsburgh will offer you the choice to bury your loved one in the ground or in an above ground mausoleum or crypt. If the burial, interment or inurment involves cremated remains, most cemeteries in Pittsburgh offer entombment of cremains in columbariums or mausoleums or plots in urn gardens.  You can expect the cemetery to take care of preparing the burial site and placing the remains in the grave or cremation space. In some cases Rome Monument will install the gravestone or monument and in other cases, the cemetery will set the stone.  At Rome Monument, we know the best cemeteries in Pittsburgh - it is our business.

Learn how and where to purchase a cemetery lot or burial plot for traditional ground burials or cremation burials in a cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA.

Cemetery Options for the Final Disposition of Cremated Remains:

  • Many families in Allegheny County, PA choose cremation because of the flexibility this option offers.
  • People from Western Pennsylvania often decide to have an urn buried at a cemetery that has facilities for cremated remains months or even years after the memorial service for the deceased was conducted.
  • These facilities may be burial spaces alongside trails, special gardens or indoor or outdoor columbariums.
  • In 2013, Allegheny Cemetery opened a hillside trail with beautiful views to provide Pittsburgh families with another option for cremated burials.  
  • In Squirrel Hill, the Homewood Cemetery maintains a beautiful lawn garden cremation garden, an indoor mausoleum and garden mausoleums for the final disposition of cremated remains.
  • The Union Dale Cemetery in Pittsburgh offers a Memorial Walk, private columbarium grave space, an above-ground columbarium for cremated remains, standard grave spaces that may hold up to two cremations and cemetery sites designated for cremation burials.
  • Jefferson Memorial Cemetery in Pittsburgh offers indoor and outdoor columbarium niches for cremated human remains which are often referred to as cremains.
  • For more information about cemeteries that provide options for the final disposition of cremated remains, call 724-770-0100 and ask to speak with Vince Dioguardi or Cris Morgan.

Custom Monument Designs For Traditional Burials (More Info >)

  • Rome Monument specializes in custom made monument designs that memorialize people that have been interred in the traditional ground burial method. The cemetery, private and public memorials we make fit the specific needs and requirements of a particular person or organization. The monument size, the memorial shape, the granite color and the personlized artwork are all tailor-made to comply with the exact requests of our customers.
  • For more information about custom monument designs call 724-770-0100 or inquire online >
  • View Pictures of Custom Monument and Gravestone Designs in the Design Gallery >

Non-Cemetery Cremation Memorials (More Info >)

  • Rome Monument of Pittsburgh designs, sells and installs cremation memorials that are not set or located in a cemetery setting.  While not feasible for traditional burials, the backyard, a church or another location on private property can become an ideal resting place for individuals who have chosen to be cremated. The urn or ashes can either be placed in the ground or inside a granite cremation monument such as a bench, boulder, upright monument, or statue.
  • For more information about non-cemetery cremation memorials call 724-770-0100 or inquire online >
  • View Pictures of Non-Cemetery Cremation Memorials in the Design Gallery >

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