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Why Monuments Are Ordered Before Burials

Learn Why Monuments And Headstone Are Purchased Before Burials (Pre-Need) - Information Is Listed Below The Video

Many families want to be well prepared for end-of-life issues and they have a number of thoughtful reasons why monuments are ordered before burials. Pre-need monument orders are placed before the grave is needed for interment. Pre-need headstone and cemetery monument purchases have become become increasingly popular in recent years as have pre-need funeral and memorial arrangements.

Rome Monument offers our exclusive “Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan” for families who want to take the responsibility and cost for the design, creation, and installation of a cemetery memorial off grieving members of your family. It gives you and your family the opportunity to get a monument exactly the way you want it, from the shape of the monument, to the size, to the cost of the monument, to the artwork and wording on the front. Also, it gives you time to consider if you want a companion monument, a family monument, or even an estate monument or mausoleum.

If you have started looking around for headstones to buy, you may have come across the the terms, “pre-need” and “at-need” while talking with a monument dealer or while browsing a monument company's website. When you order a monument or memorial before a burial has occured or grave space has been acquired, this is considered a pre-need purchase. Our customers in Pitttsburgh, usually order pre-need gravestones and grave markers so that they don't burden their family with the process. Obviously, at need monument and memorial purchases are conducted after someone has passed away.  As people have a tendancy to procrastinate, because deaths can not be predicted and because these conversations and arrangements are uncomfortable for people and families, at need grave marker purchases are the usual method. Howver, many spouses and married couples purchase their double or companion monuments in advance so that they can buried next to one another in the cemetery and be assured that their memorial is a fitting tribute to their lives together.

Millions of monuments of widely varying styles, types, artistic detail, and cost are purchased every year by people doing it for the first time. Designing and buying the right monument requires thoughtful planning and the opportunity to consider options, which is best done in advance. We have answers and are happy to guide you through the process of designing and ordering a monument before burial. Just give us a call anytime at 724-770-0100.  Rome Monument is one of the leaders in the cemetery monument and memorial industry.

Ordering a monument in advance, before burial, is increasingly popular because it:

  • Ensures that your expectations and intentions are well met. You can be satisfied that your memorial fittingly reflects your life—and that the monument conforms to your specifications.
  • Allows you the opportunity to express yourself in stone and be involved in presenting your memory and reflecting your life. When others buy a monument for you, the opportunity for your own involvement, attention to detail, and aesthetic expression are lost. 
  • Allows your family to join together in selecting and artistically creating a fitting monument. Families want to create distinctive, highly personal memorials that reflect their life, interests, beliefs, and accomplishments.
  • Gives you control over how much the family spends on your memorial. Many people believe it should be up to them to decide how much to spend on their memorial. By ordering their own monument they eliminate a potential financial dispute among their heirs, and may save them from either spending their own money, or spending too much.
  • Allows your family and loved ones to avoid the added pressure of making such decisions immediately following death while they are grieving. It eliminates one step, reduces pressure, and ensures that monument decisions are made without grief or discord. Making memorial design decisions after a loved one passes away is just more difficult when families are grieving their loss.
  • Allows those you want involved to make deliberate decisions for the right reasons with unclouded thinking. This in turn ensures that your memorial is created in accord with your wishes and vision.

Rome Monument welcomes the opportunity to help you plan your cemetery memorial in advance. Given the reasons listed above selecting and designing the right monument at the right price for your needs before burial is a very good idea. And if you need help, just call us at 724-770-0100 and one of our monument design specialists will help you get the answers you need to plan and manage your monument creation prudently and effectively.

What Are You Going To Do When a Death Occurs? It's Important That Each Person Has a Pre-Arranged Plan

Planning your estate? Let our on-staff Cemetery Planning Advisors make pre-arrangement planning comfortable for you. Begin this process with our Pre-Need/Advance Planning Advisor service. Prearranging cemetery memorialization is one of the most requested services that Rome Monuments offers, and has become a common part of the estate plan for today's families.

Planning ahead carries many practical as well as emotional benefits:

  • Ensures you will receive the type of cemetery memorial you want.
  • Guarantees your gravestone marker fits within the stipulation of your cemetery plot.
  • Relieves the stress on your loved ones to make a hard, but important decision at an emotionally difficult time.
  • Locks in the cost of your memorial, regardless of inflation of material costs. Rome Monuments free Pre-Need Planning Advisors are here to alleviate the pressures that can accompany choosing a cemetery memorial and gravestone by helping you plan ahead.