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Monument and Mausoleum Delivery and Installation In The U.S.

Rome Monument Installs Unique Artistic Monuments and Mausoleums In Cemeteries Nationwide Throughout the Continental (Lower 48) United States

Families outside of Western Pennsylvania are finding Rome Monument for very unique and artistic headstones, monuments and mausoleums that a local firm may not have the ability to create.  While Rome Monument can design and ship these very unique personalized headstones, monuments and mausoleums, most of our clients desire us to install the memorials.  Rome Monument sells, designs, builds, delivers and installs artistic unique personalized monuments, private mausoleums, headstones, gravestones, grave markers, granite memorial benches, pet memorials and monuments, granite and marble statues, columbariums and cemetery memorials in cemeteries and memorial parks throughout the continental United States. Rome Monument also installs memorials and mausoleums on private property for individuals and civic organizations.  Additional luxury options can be found on our sister site Dio + Co.

USA Monument Dealer
Posted on June 18, 2019
Rome Monument is monument dealer that sells high quality custom memorials families and cemeteries in cities, counties and states throughout the U.S. Buy a headstone, grave marker or mausoleum  from Rome Monument and then schedule installation in your local cemetery. Some of the communities served by Rome Monument are listed below.   Additional luxury options can be found on our sister site Dio + Co.






New York

North Carolina

West Virginia

New Jersey








Watch The Video Below to Learn How Rome Monument Crafts And Installs Personalized Custom Headstones In Cemeteries

In this video, you’ll learn about 100% personalized, custom cemetery monuments and the unlimited design possibilities for a family member’s eternal resting place. You’ll see examples of headstones by Rome Monument with unique sizes, shapes, granite colors and artwork. And you’ll follow the story of the “Elephant on the Tomb”, an upright headstone that actually has a sculpted elephant sitting right on top of a granite slab!   Additional luxury options can be found on our sister site Dio + Co.

Watch Rome Monument Install A Private Mausoleum For A Family In Beaver, PA

In this video, Rome Monument takes you through the steps on how a mausoleum is designed and built. It follows the construction and installation of a Greek Neoclassical-style mausoleum for the Pappan family of Pennsylvania. The mausoleum was installed in Beaver Cemetery, Beaver Pennsylvania in 2015. 

See How Rome Monument Installs High Quality Mausoleums In Cemeteries And Memorial Gardens In the United States

In this video, Rome Monument shows you how to tell the difference between high quality mausoleum and low quality mausoleum design, construction and installation. In addition to a superior, professional design, the quality of a mausoleum depends on such factors as the reputation of the granite quarry, the experience of the mausoleum installation personnel, the quality of the granite, foundation, base course, side walls, roof and joints, among other construction elements.

Monument and Mausoleum Installation Services In the Pittsburgh Area

In the case of individual and family cemetery monuments, we offer free local delivery and installation in the Pittsburgh area. In cases where we are delivering a monument outside of our local area, we may negotiate or quote an additional delivery fee. Rome Monument owns and operates monument setting crane trucks used to deliver and install headstones, gravestones, monuments and memorials in public and private Pittsburgh area cemeteries, memorial parks, church cemeteries.  Rome Monument routinely collaborates with cemetery management staff and administrators before monuments are delivered and installed. We have been delivering and installing monuments, headstones and memorials in cemeteries in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area since 1934 so we know what we are doing - rest assured.  In 2017, Rome Monument started offering monument delivery and installation services throughout the United States. Watch a video to learn how Rome Monument installed a private mausoleum for the Pappan family of Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in having a headstone, gravestone, memorial bench or mausoleum designed, created, delivered and installed in a cemetery, private setting or public location, please call our main office at 724-770-0100 or click here to contact us.

Monument and Mausoleum Installation Fees

Normally, Rome Monument employees will deliver and install the monuments and mausoleums that we design and build at no charge. In a small percentage of situations, the cemetery staff or memorial park maintenance crew will perform the installation and setting process. Cemeteries normally charge an installation fee for this service.  Additional luxury options can be found on our sister site Dio + Co.

Cemetery Monument and Memorial Rules, Regulations, Standards, Policies and Guidelines

Because we have been delivering and setting (installing) grave markers in cemeteries since 1934, Rome Monument has become extremely knowledgeable regarding the types of monuments and memorials that are permitted in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania. Most cemeteries in our delivery and installation area, (Pittsburgh Tri-State Area, Southwestern Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia) regulate the types of headstones placed on gravesites within their property. These standards, policies and guidelines designate the types of materials that can be used for the construction of a monument. The two most common materials permitted are bronze and granite.  Rome Monuments is reknowned for the quality of the bronze and granite gravestones we design and make.

Additionally certain size restrictions may apply such as the length, width and height of the monument. Rome Monument will be absolutely sure of a customer's cemetery regulations before the monument production process begins.  We are dilegent about acquiring this vital information before we finalize a purchase agreement with a client for a monument order. Monument types are also regulated by many cemeteries with whom we work. Some cemeteries only permit flat bronze markers. Others permit both flat grave markers and upright monuments. In some cases, graveyards, memorial parks and burial parks permit flat memorials, raised and upright memorials, slant memorials and bevel memorials. Some cemeteries also allow mausoleum type memorials.

To See Pictures of Different Types and Sizes of Monuments Browse our Design Gallery >

If you or your family have already purchased cemetery space, gravesites (s) or burial plots, you will certainly be limited to a degree in what type of memorial or monument will be allowed. However, this is nothing to worry about. The experienced memorialists at all Rome Monument showrooms can be very creative in designing a monument to fit the alloted space. If you don't know what rules and regulations apply, we probably already know, and if not, will contact the cemetery to clarify and confirm.

An Overview of Cemetery Documentation Required Before Monument Delivery and Installation Can Commence

Rome Monuments works with hundreds of cemeteries in the Pittsburgh area. Before a monument or memorial is delivered and installed, we take care of the cemetery paperwork.  We routinely work with, and on behalf of, our customers to make sure that all of documents required by a cemetery have been completed and submitted to the cemetery management office befoe a gravestone is placed in the cemetery.  We are very experienced in the process of submitting headstone specifications, and when required, submitting drawings (often CAD drawings) to our customer's cemetery administration office. When applicable we will contact the cemetery in advance to let them know that we will be delivering and installing a monument for someone who purchased a burial plot or grave space in their cemtery.  Cemeteries generally require the burial plot owner or lot owner to sign some type of documentation authorizing the delivery and installation of a monument at the gravesites they purchased.

View Pictures of Monuments We Have Delivered To, and Installed in Specific Pittsburgh Cemeteries >

Consumer Rights Regarding Cemetery Monument Purchases, Delivery and Installation

It is important for consumers, and in particular our potentional customers and current customers, to know their rights regarding cemetery monument purchases and delivery and installation. It is not an uncommon practice for cemetery representatives to discourage their burial plot and grave space customers from working with Rome Monument for a number of reasons. These discouragement practices are summarized below.

  • "You Can Only By Monuments From the Cemetery" Discouragement Practice:
    Don't be put off if the cemetery representatives that you are engaged with now, or may be in the future, discourage you from purchasing a monument from Rome Monument. In almost all cases, you should be permitted to order a monument or memorial from a company other than the cemetery.  If you do find yourself in this situation, please call 724-770-0100 to let us know your concerns and the details of your specific situation. We are here to help. We will make sure that the monument we build conforms to their requirements before we deliver and install it at your family's gravesite.
  • Additional Fee Discouragement Practice:
    Cemetery representatives may state to plot owners that additional fees will be incurred if you purchase a memorial from Rome Monument. Don't worry about this fee, just call us at 724-770-0100 to let us know what happened and what was said. We will help you work out this process in an agreeable manner to all parties involved.
  • Responsibility for Damage Discouragement Practice:
    Cemetery representatives may discourage plot owners from purchasing a monument or memorial from Rome Monument by worrying them about the "responsibility for damage" to the headstone or gravestone. If the cemetery manager or salesman explains that the cemetery is not responsible for any damages that occur during delivery or assembly if another company is providing this service, well of course.  If Rome Monument is delivering and installing the monument, as we do in almost all cases, then we are resonsible and we assume this responsibility gladly.
  • Monument Quality Discouragement Practice:
    If a cemetery representative tries to discourage you from commissioning a monument or memorial from Rome Monument because of the quality of our work just call us at 724-770-0100 or click here to contact us. We can set your concerns aside very quickly over the phone or invite you to one of our showrooms to talk with us and see for yourself the quality of our work by viewing actual headstones and gravemarkers that we have designed and built.  The quality of our work is unsurpassed in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area. In many cases, cemeteries who sells headstones actually contract with Rome Monument to build these monuments.

View Pictures Showing The Quality of Our Monument Design Work  In Our Design Gallery >

Monument and Headstone Re-Setting

If your monument ever needs re-set or needs moved by the cemetery and then put back, Rome Monument will provide this service for free if we had the privilege to create the monument originally. Call us at 724-770-0100 if you want to talk to us about re-setting your family's monument or memorial.

Monument and Gravestone Maintenance, Cleaning and Restoration

Rome Monument offers monument and gravestone maintenance, cleaning and restoration services to families and cemeteries alike. Call us at 724-770-0100 for more information.

How to Purchase a Cemetery Burial Plot

When planning to arrange a burial or buy a monument knowing how to purchase a cemetery burial plot is likely to save you time and ease the process. Thousands of cemeteries serve millions of families every year, helping them plan for and acquire burial plots. Families planning for future burials are often doing it for the first time, so understanding basic burial-plot issues is important to ensuring satisfactory arrangements are in place when the time comes. We have answers and are happy to guide you on how to purchase cemetery burial plots in your area. Just give us a call anytime at 724-770-0100. Click here for more information on how to purchase a burial plot in Pittsburgh.

Burial Plot or Lot, Gravesite, Cemetery Space and Grave Prices in Pittsburgh

For information on ground burial prices and ground burial space for cremation in Pittsburgh, call (724) 770-0100. Prices usually start at $500.00 - $1,000.00 for each grave or space and go up from there depending on the cemetery you choose and the section in the cemetery you pick. Some cemeteries that have architecturally appealing buildings, exqusite statues, stained glass chapels, beautiful and open pastoral landscapes, quite and peaceful environs, tree-lined drive, stands of mature trees, sweeping vistas, tranquil fountains, ponds and lakes, parklike atmospheres, great historic value, top-notch security and well maintained grounds often charge a premium for their burial plots and gravesites. Click here for more information on burial plot prices in Pittsburgh.

Artisan Center Where Monuments Are Custom Made

All carving and lettering is done in-house by Rome Monument's certified master carvers in the company’s 30,000-square-foot manufacturing space in Monaca, PA at the Rome Monument Works Artisan Center. Most all monument and memorial deliveries originate from this location. Upon request, we are always pleased to invite our customers to this location to take a look at the monument we built for their family before it is delivered and installed at the cemetery, private address or public space.

Monument Delivery and Installation Services For Third Parties

In certain situations, Rome Monument will perform monument delivery, installation and assembly services for individuals, other monument dealers and other businesses and organizations even though the monument was not purchased from Rome Monument. Please call 724-770-0100 for more information if you are need a monument or memorial delivered and installed.

Monument and Headstone Removal and Replacment Services

Upon request, Rome Monument can remove monuments, statues and headstones from cemeteries and memorial parks in the Pittsburgh area. In situations where the monument needs to be replaced, we can also design and build a new memorial to replace the one that was removed. When we remove a monument from a cemetery, we hoist and remove it with our monument setting crain truck. Obviously we receive permission from the cemetery and the plot owner before removing a monument from a cemetery. This service is usually performed when a gravestone or cemetery structure can not be repaired on site or needs to be replaced.

Monument and Mausoleum Installation News

Rome Monument Expands Installation Area Across U.S.
Posted on March 2, 2019

In January of 2019, Rome Monument, a mausoleum design and construction company based in Pittsburgh, purchased two new custom monument trucks. The private family mausoleum builder now has the manpower and equipment to deliver and install high quality single crypttwo cryptwalk-in family mausoleums and multi-crypt above ground burial vaults in all 48 states. Both of the new mausoleum installation trucks purchased by Rome Monument use truck-mounted articulating cranes to set and install granite mausoleum foundations, walls, roofs, doors, crypts and heavy stones. Rome Monument is currently very busy manufacturing and building mausoleums purchased by private customers in large cities and wealthy communities all across the continental United States. Private family mausoleum prices start at $15K. Some of the new mausoleum installation areas in the United States are listed below.

Rome Monument Installs Private Family Mausoleums In Cemeteries and Memorial Parks in Houston Texas
Posted on March 2, 2019

Rome Monument sells private mausoleums to familieschurches and cemeteries in HoustonHarris County, the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land MSA, and Southeast Texas.  View design pictures or watch videos. Prices start at $15K.  Cemeteries we service in the most populous city in Texas include Memorial Oaks CemeterySan Jacinto Memorial ParkForest Lawn Cemetery, the historic Hollywood Cemetery (founded in 1895) and Glenwood Cemetery.  Rome Monument installs high quality private and community granite family mausoleumswalk-in mausoleumscompanion mausoleums and above ground burial vaults in cemeteries and memorial parks the following counties; Montgomery, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend and Waller County. Click here for information about burial plot prices in the "Bayou City". Prices for burial plots at Glenwood Cemetery are some of the highest in the United States.

Rome Monument Building Two More Monuments For NYC Families
Posted on March 2, 2019

In late 2018 Rome Monument received two signed purchase orders from families in New York City to design, build and install two granite upright family monuments. Rome Monument has already completed the memorial design phase of the two cemetery monument projects. In January of 2019, Rome Monument received the approval from both customers that the CAD designs were perfect.  Both tombstones are tentatively scheduled to be installed in New York City area cemeteries in April of 2019.  

Both headstone construction projects are now in the "Carving and Engraving Phase". Experienced sculptors are now chipping away at the granite slabs at the Artisan Center. Sandblasting, etching and polishing will follow in March.  In the spring, after the cemetery grounds in Rockland County and Westchester County have thawed, these two monuments will be delivered and installed in cemeteries near Nanuet and Hawthorne, New York.  Nanuet is a hamlet in the town of Clarkstown in Rockland County, New York. Hawthorne is a hamlet in the town of Mount Pleasant in Westchester County, New York. After these two family grave markers have been set at the rural cemeteries, pictures of these personalized headstones will be featured online in the Design Gallery

Headstone and monument prices in New York City, Rockland County and Westchester County start at $300. The current price for upright monument double-depth grave spaces at Ascension Cemetery in Rockland County, NY is $2,885.  Costs for basic upright monuments built by Rome Monument start at $700.00. Prices for popular upright granite monuments designed by Rome Monument start at $1,200.  Grave fees for an upright granite monument (including perpetual care) at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, in Westchester County are $4,400.  Prices for popular upright granite monuments constructed by Rome Monument start at $1,200.  Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is developing 20 acres of additional space to create thousands of extra burial spots. In 2016, the price of single lots that provide space for individuals or multiple cremated remains stood at $17,000 and rising.  Prices for basic lawn level (flat) grave markers handcrafted by Rome Monument start at $300.  In 2019, single graves (3’ x 10’) at the White Plains Rural Cemetery cost $2,000.  White Plains Rural Cemetery recently received approval to build a crematory. Prices for premium upright granite family monuments start at $4,000.  At the Gate of Heaven Cemetery, about 25 miles north of New York City, family mausoleum site fees, per square foot, start at $240.  Starting prices for private single crypt family mausoleums built by Rome Monument range start at $15,000.  Click here to watch a video titled "Cemetery Monument and Headstone Photos and Prices".   Additional luxury options can be found on our sister site Dio + Co.

Rome Monument Builds And Installs Private Family Mausoleums For San Francisco Bay Area Families, Churches, Monument Retailers and Cemeteries
Posted on March 14, 2019

Rome Monument sells private mausoleums to familieschurches and cemeteries in the city of San Francisco, California and San Francisco County. View design pictures or watch videos. Prices start at $15K. We install private mausoleums in cemeteries and memorial parks throughout the San Francisco Bay area. We design private family mausoleums for families that live in the following Northern California counties: Alameda, Napa, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Solano, Marin, San Mateo and Sonoma.

We install single cryptcompanion crypt and walk-in mausoleums in cemeteries located in the North Bay, Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay. We sell individual mausoleums and private estate mausoleums to cemeteries, funeral homes and monument dealers in cities such as San Francisco, Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Concord, Oakland, Hayward and Sunnyvale. Our construction crews build private and community mausoleums in cemeteries such as the Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, the Olivet Memorial Park, the Italian Cemetery, the Eternal Home Cemetery and the Woodlawn Memorial Park in Colma, California. 

Our team installs above ground burial vaults in Jewish cemeteries in the San Jose–San Francisco–Oakland Area. and the San Francisco–Oakland–Hayward AreaSinai Memorial Chapel, which is the only Jewish funeral home in Northern California, provides a price list for funeral, burial and cemetery products and services. The Mountain View Cemetery, a 226-acre cemetery in Oakland, also provides a price list for their products and services.  Rome Monument manufactures mausoleums that are delivered to cemeteries in the Bay Area that are managed by the Holy Cross Catholic Cemeteries such as Holy Cross Menlo ParkSt. Mary Magdalene CemeteryMt. Olivet San RafaelTomales Catholic CemeteryHoly Cross ColmaOur Lady of the Pillar and St. Anthony Cemetery.   Additional luxury options can be found on our sister site Dio + Co.