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Custom Mausoleums & Crypts

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A private mausoleum is an above-ground structure, usually built with granite, that is used for the permanent interment of the deceased. If you are considering buying a unique custom private family granite mausoleum, a personal mausoleum (built for a single individual) or a customized private burial vault, view the galleries below or contact Rome Monument to discuss your design requirements. If you want to know how much a mausoleum costs or want to buy a private family mausoleum, call 724-770-0100 and ask for Vince Dioguardi. If you want to understand the difference between a crypt and a mausoleum, email Beautiful, high quality free-standing mausoleums designed and built by Rome Monument are architectural statements to a family's legacy and heritage. Walk-in family mausoleums provide shelter, privacy and comfort to family members that are visiting a grave site to pay their respects to family members that have passed on. The average design and construction time for a private family mausoleum ranges from 3-12 months. In most cases, Rome Monument, is both a mausoleum retailer and an installer. Our firm often builds the mausoleum foundation as well. In some mausoleum projects, the cemetery maintenance staff will construct the mausoleum foundation. Scroll down to watch videos and browse photographs. Family mausoleums for sale are pictured below.

Information On Community Mausoleums, Private Columbariums, Civic Monuments, Church and Community Columbariums, Crypts, Urns And Niches For Sale

Community mausoleums, which are different than private family mausoleums, hold the remains of multiple families. These are normally located in cemeteries or on church grounds. Community mausoleums and community columbariums can have dozens or hundreds of crypts (for traditional burials or cremation).  Crypts are purchased individually by cemetery or church customers. Mausoleum niches are spaces in a community columbarium or a community mausoleum that hold cremation urns and other approved containers. People do not have to be cremated to be buried in a private mausoleum or community mausoleum. A niche in a community mausoleum or church columbarium can range in cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Niches are usually accessed through a wall in the columbarium or mausoleum. The location of the deceased casketed remains or cremated remains (cremains) are normally identified and marked with a niche marker, nameplate or plaque, often manufactured using bronze. 

Civic Monuments, Memorial Benches And Community Memorials

Rome Monument has been designing, building, selling and installing memorial benchescivic monuments, statues, bronze memorial plaqueswar memorials and veterans memorials since 1934.  Our custom monument customers include individuals, families, businesses, cemeteriesmemorial parks, churches, U.S. military veterans groups, law enforcement agencies, religious organizations, historical societies, municipalities, schools and community organizations. Click here to learn more about Rome Monument's community, civic and public memorial design and construction services, call 724-770-0100 or email

Pictured Below Are Galleries Of Unique Custom Mausoleums And Crypts For Sale

Private granite mausoleums and family crypts are for sale by Rome Monument. Browse pictures, watch videos, download PDF catalogs, get prices, learn how to order and schedule construction and installation.  Rome Monument builds and installs private family mausoleums in cemeteries and on private property throughout the continental (lower 48) United States. Types of mausoleums include 1 crypt2 cryptfamily mausoleums, 2-niche columbariums, personal columbariums, single niche columbariums and walk-in mausoleums. If you are interested in buying a custom designed private mausoleum for yourself, you and your spouse, your parents, your children or other family members, please consider talking with Vince Dioguardi, the president of Rome Monument at 724-770-0100. Vince loves to talk about mausoleums and is very friendly, knowledgable and professional. During your phone conversation, he will be happy to explain how the process of ordering works, review how prices are determined, present your design customization options, touch on our mausoleum construction standards and clarify mausoleum setting and installation details. If you prefer email to a phone conversation, please feel free to email Vince at or contact him by using our Contact Form.

Download Our Custom Mausoleum Design And Construction Catalog

Download the High Quality Private Family Mausoleum Design and Construction Catalog

Browse pictures of 1 crypt mausoleums, 2 crypt mausoleums, private family mausoleums and stately walk-in mausoleums in this PDF guide. Learn how Rome Monument designs and builds elegant mausoleums using high quality granite, impeccable construction standards and old world craftsmanship. Get an understanding of the customization and ordering processes. Learn about high-grade granite, mausoleum foundations, base courses, architectural options and landscaping considerations. 

Custom Mausoleum, Crypt And Columbarium Design And Construction Overview


Buy A Two Crypt (Double Or Companion Crypt) Private Family Mausoleum - Design Pictures, Videos and PricesA mausoleum, crypt or columbarium is a free-standing cemetery building that contains the grave, tomb or burial chamber of the deceased.  A large private or public church/cemetery mausoleum, or community columbarium, can also incorporate other elements, such as a chapel or a niche for cremated remains. Designed and built by the memorial architects at Rome Monuments, our private, family and estate mausoleums can be adorned with beautiful custom designs, such as; etchings, engravings, bas reliefs, statues, 3D carvings, and symbols and imagery that convey the specific nationality or religion of the deceased.  They can be for any number of graves and come in a variety of styles and shapes. You can select from a wide variety of granite colors for both traditional and cremation mausoleums in different price ranges

Rome Monument also sells, designs and constructs private columbariumssingle crypt mausoleums and double crypt mausoleums.  Rome Monument is a mausoleum construction company, mausoleum contractor, community mausoleum manufacturer and private family mausoleum builder with over 80 years of experience as a design/builder of mausoleums for cemeteries, memorial parks, churches and private property.  Our mausoleum construction standards are rigorous and meticulous. 

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Buying A High Grade Granite Mausoleum | Construction and Installation Information

View Pictures And Videos Of Private Family Mausoleums Sold By Rome Monument - Get PricesThe process of ordering a top-of-the-line private family mausoleum starts with a call to 724-770-0100 or an email to Vince Dioguardi at  After your intial conversations and/or email dialogue, if you decide to move forward, Vince will work hand-in-hand with you to customize and perfect the unique design of your mausoleum.  Once you approve the design plans and payment arrangements have been settled, construction begins in our manufacturing facility.  When the mausoleum has been completed in-house, it is delivered to your your cemetery or memorial park.  The final setting and installation is then completed. The entire process, from contacting Mr. Dioguardi to installation, normally takes between 3 and 12 months depending on the complexity of the mausoleum construction and seasonal installation factors. 

Starting Prices For Custom Mausoleums

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Browsing mausoleums is simple. Just click the images below—then learn more about any specific style of mausoleum. Talk with a designer at Rome Monument to learn about your mausoleum customization options. Rome Monument sells, designs, builds and constructs private, family and estate mausoleums for cemeteries located throughout the continental (lower 48) United States. Prices for single crypt mausoleums start at $15K. View pictures in the gallery and call 724-770-0100 for specific prices.