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Mausoleum & Monument CAD Drawings For Client Approval

Monument And Mausoleum CAD Design Drawings And Artistic Renderings Are Provided To Customers For Their Approval Before Production Begins

Rome Monument memorialists prepare hand drawings and/or CAD design drawings for our customers to approve before mausoleums, headstones and memorials are ordered and built.

Rome Monument memorialists such as Vince Dioguardi, Chris Morgan and John Dioguardi prepare hand drawings and/or CAD drawings for our customers to approve.

These drawings are normally shown to our customers at showroom meetings but in some cases they are emailed to customers.

Customers appreciate seeing a drawing of the monument so that they can approve the spelling of the name (s), birth date (s), death date (s), design artwork, inscriptions and other memorial design details.

CAD drawings can be provided to clients who purchase upright and raised headstones, bevel (pillow) shaped monuments, slant shaped gravestones, flat (flush/lawn level/grass level) grave markers granite memorial benches, private/family/estate mausoleums and other types of family cemetery monuments and public memorials.

It is important for Rome Monument customers to be confident that they understand what the finished monument or memorial will look like once it has been built, delivered and installed in the cemetery or private/public location. 

Our memorialists use a system called Monu-Cad, a computer aided design program, in the design and production of cemetery memorials that are manufactured using the stencil sandblast process. Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

To learn more about the CAD drawings that we prepare, call 724-770-0100.

4 Renowned Mausoleum Design And Construction Consultants In The US

Vince Dioguardi works closely with other mausoleum design consultants and mausoleum construction project managers at Rome Monument, such as John DioguardiChris Morgan and William Hapach Jr. 

These 4 private family mausoleum construction experts design and build mausoleums for both private and commercial customers all across the country.

Rome Monument mausoleum design consultants, such as Vince Dioguardi, prepare hand drawings and/or CAD design drawings whenever they design and construct a handcrafted private family mausoleum.
Other mausoleum design consultants and memorial sales managers at Rome Monument include John Dioguardi (CM)Chris Morgan and William Hapach Jr.
In 2020, Vince Dioguardi, John Dioguardi and Chris Morgan helped SMSgt. Jessica Davis conceptualize her design idea for a memorial to honor the sacrifice of those who served from “Beirut and beyond”
Vince Dioguardi designed the preliminary design plan for the stately Private Pappan Family Mausoleum, with a neoclassical mausoleum architectural design style. He used a CAD software program to draw the blueprint and floor plan for the private family estate mausoleum.
Rome Monument mausoleum design consultants use the best computer workstations for computer-aided design and 3D modeling, to assist them in the mausoleum design concept creation, for floorplan modifications, for structural analysis and for engineering optimization. 
Vince Dioguardi and the 3 other mausoleum design consultants at Rome Monument design small multi-crypt private mausoleums and also large private family estate mausoleums for some of the most historic and beautiful cemeteries in the US.
Vince Dioguardi and Chris Morgan use computer-aided design software to increase their own productivity, to improve the quality of the private or public mausoleum design process, to improve communication with their clients through documentation, and to create a database and 3D model for the Rome Monument mausoleum builders to use during the production and installation phases of construction.
Vince Dioguardi, John Dioguardi and Chris Morgan have designed and constructed some of the most architecturally stunning modern and traditional style mausoleums in some of the most famous cemeteries in the US.
Both Vince Dioguardi and Chris Morgan at Rome Monument are extremely experienced at using CAD software programs for mausoleum architecture design and drafting.