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Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan

Learn About The Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan from Rome Monument

Planning for your cemetery headstone, marker or monument should be as much a part of planning for end-of-life as a will, insurance, and cemetery and funeral directives. That’s why Rome Monument offers our exclusive “Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan” for families who want to take the responsibility and cost for the design, creation, and installation of a cemetery memorial off grieving members of your family. It gives you and your family the opportunity to get a monument exactly the way you want it, from the shape of the monument, to the size, to the cost of the monument, to the artwork and wording on the front. Also, it gives you time to consider if you want a companion monument, a family monument, or even an estate monument or mausoleum.

Request the Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan Brochure

The Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan Is the best pre-need headstone program in Pittsburgh and the Tri-State area including Ohio and West Virginia. As opposed to at-need monument planning, which cannot guarantee that the wishes of the deceased are expressed accurately, pre-need planning allows you to pre-design, pre-plan and pre-pay for a truly high quality monument prior to your passing and according to your wishes.

You can learn more about the plan, the benefits of pre-arranging your cemetery monument, see a list of our local showrooms, examples of types of monuments and more by requesting our Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan brochure. Sit down with the brochure and family members to determine if the plan is right for you. Just click here to request the brochure.

If you need helpful guidance on essential aspects of preplanning your own cemetery monument, we have answers to help you get it done—and ease your family’s burden. Rome Monument is intimately familiar with all aspects of “preplanning a cemetery monument”. Getting you through the preplanning process is why we’re here and we’re always happy to answer your questions—any questions. To get started, give Vince or Chris a call at 724-770-0100 or click here to schedule an appointment. If you have other inquiries, email us at  Rome Monument is one of the leaders in the cemetery monument and memorial industry.

How Your Plan Works

Browse the Monument Design Gallery for Headstone IdeasWith the Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan, you design, plan, and pay for the creation and installation of your monument prior to your passing. Everything can be completed now, or you can have the process done in stages.

1) First, you’ll meet with one of our designers to discuss your options for memorial types and styles. Select from Rome Monument’s exclusive Sealmark Rock of Ages granites or from our direct-from-quarry colors from around the world. —any size, shape, and color. Decisions on lettering, artwork, porcelain photos, and etched images are also finalized and included at no extra cost.

2) Next, our memorial artists create a detailed CAD (computer-generated) drawing that shows exactly what your finished monument will look like. We create as many drawings as necessary until you see one you absolutely love!

3) Once the design is approved, our skilled artisans sculpt and carve the granite into the extraordinary monument you envisioned. Until notified to install it, we’ll keep the monument in our 30,000 square foot production and warehouse facility.

4) Finally, we deliver your monument to your local cemetery and install it with the same care and attention to detail that we’ve become known for.  

Benefits of Pre-Arranging Your Cemetery Monument

  • Interest Free Financing   
  • Free Warehousing  
  • Unlimited Text   
  • Free Local Delivery  
  • Perpetual Free Re-Setting   
  • Free Warranty  
  • Unlimited CAD Designs from Our In-House Artists   
  • Direct-From-Manufacturer Pricing
  • Perpetual Trust Included with Rock of Ages Granites
  • 100% of Your Funds Set Aside in a Price-Protected Account
  • No Middlemen: Your Memorial is Designed, Created and Installed by Rome Monument

Monument Installation Options

Schedule An Appointment at Rome Monument

Select from one of four scheduling options below that best suits your needs and budget.


  • Design & Select Stone
  • CAD Drawing Produced
  • Design Approved
  • Create & Install at Later Time


  • Design & Select Stone
  • CAD Drawing Produced     
  • Design Approved
  • Create & Warehouse Monument
  • Install at Later Time


  • Design & Select Stone
  • CAD Drawing Produced     
  • Design Approved
  • Create Monument
  • Install Monument


  • Arrange for payment in advance of any work on the monument.

Name Your Own Price

Tell us what you want to spend on your pre-arranged cemetery monument by naming your own price. We will provide you with the highest quality monument at the price you name by maximizing the grade of the granite, and the size and shape of the monument.  In addition, there is no extra charge for what goes on the face of the monument, including letters, artwork, inscriptions, etchings, and porcelain photos.

The cost of a monument is determined by:

1) Quality of Granite – the better the granite, the longer your monument will last and the less it will be affected by weather conditions, outdoor elements, etc.

2) Size of monument – this determines how much granite goes into the monument. Larger monuments require a granite base as well. 

3) Shape – Basic rectangular shapes will cost less than custom shapes that need to be sculpted. Some shapes, such as those of heart and angel-shaped monuments, are pre-cast and will cost less than custom shapes.

4) Artwork – Most monument companies charge for artwork, lettering, inscriptions, porcelain photos, and other elements that go on the face of your monument. At Rome, we do these at NO EXTRA COST to you.

You Choose Your Payment Option

We make purchasing your monument easy! Only Rome Monument offers a 24 or 36 month “Extended Payment Plan” for your pre-arranged cemetery monument. You can also choose to take care of all financial obligations by paying in full at the start of your project.  All money is held in a secure account, untouched by Rome Monument and for YOUR monument only, until the monument is installed.

How to Get Started on Your Pre-Arranged Cemetery Monument Plan

Learn more about pre-arranging a cemetery monument by requesting a price estimate or brochure, scheduling a showroom visit, asking a question or contacting a designer. With just a click you can share images from our Design Gallery with family, or place an order online or by phone. We also offer many other cemetery monument services in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Western Pennsylvania, and the Tri-State area including Ohio and West Virginia. These include free delivery and installation, memorial maintenance and on-site engraving. So make the call now to 724-770-0100. The consultation is free and we will be happy to answer all your questions. If you have other inquiries, email us at

The Catholic Monument Plan For Catholic Families
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