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Cemetery On-Site Engraving Services

Rome Monument Provides On-Site Cemetery Monument and Memorial Lettering and Engraving Services

Rome Monument frequently places inscriptions and engravings on military and civilian headstones, family gravestones, family mausoleums, veterans grave markers and granite memorials that have already been set in a cemetery in Pittsburgh. It doesn't matter if we built the monument or another momument company designed the monument. We are experts at copying the matching engraving style, alphabet, font and letter sizes in use on the monument. We typically perform our mobile lettering and engraving services to etch names and birth and death dates on companion/double headstones and family and estate monuments that memorialize more than one person. In most cases, we don't have to remove the monument from the ground, base or foundation. Most of the cemetery on-site engraving work is performed on granite monuments although we occasionally work with older monuments made from marble and sandstone during cemetery restoration projects. Most of the work we do is peformed by hand using basic engraving and stenciling tools and equipment. Click here to view pictures of the on-site cemetery monument engraving process.

We also perform on-site stone engraving and lettering services for churches, businesses, schools, civic organizations and other groups that need monumental stone engraved and lettering performed on-site. Occasionally we will send our mobile engraving and lettering team to homes and residential communities to perform on-site engraving for house numbers, addresses and signs that need to be engraved in stone. Call 724-770-0100 for prices for on-site cemetery monument engraving services and other types of mobile stone engraving services. In some cases, cemeteries may charge a small fee for a permit to perform on-site engraving services on their burial grounds. We are always happy to email a picture of the completed work to our out-of-town customers once our engraving and lettering services are finished.

Rome Monument provides expert on-site engraving services for families who wish to update or upgrade their existing cemetery memorials. Sometimes names and dates need to be added after the memorial has been set. Other times families may choose to embellish a memorial with new custom designs or inscriptions. A beautiful cemetery on-site engraving starts with a call to Rome Monument at 724-770-0100, where you can learn more and schedule a free consultation at one of our seven convenient locations in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania.

The memorial artists at Rome can adorn headstones, flat, bevel, slant, and upright monuments, bench memorials, statues, sculptures and more with custom designs such as etched portraits, personalized engravings, epitaph inscriptions, and etched scenes and images that commemorate the life and achievements of the deceased. We can recreate the existing lettering and design style for a seamless match every time.  View pictures of these types of monuments in our Design Gallery.

Talk with a designer at Rome Monument to learn about your design artwork options for your cemetery on-site engraving. We can perform the engraving anywhere in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania. So make the call now to 724-770-0100. The consultation is free and we will be happy to answer all your questions.