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Granite and Stone Engraving and Etching

Granite and Stone Monument and Headstone Engraving and Etching Services Performed by Rome Monument

Personalized Engravings (More Info >)

  • A very popular memorial option are personalized engravings that are included in the artwork and design of a memorial or monument.
  • Rome Monument specializes in designing, carving, etching and sculpting personalized engravings into artwork of the monuments we build.
  • For more information about personalized engravings call 724-770-0100 or inquire online >
  • View Pictures of Personalized Engravings in the Design Gallery >

Free Monument Lettering and Engraving for Memorials and Monuments (More Info >)

  • Rome Monument of Pittsburgh offers free unlimited text lettering and engraving on one surface of every monument we create.
  • Monument and gravemarker lettering is a service that we provide at no cost but be aware that certain restrictions do apply to the size of the text in the lettering. 
  • For more information about our free monument engraving and lettering services, call 724-770-0100 or click here to submit an online inquiry to a memorial designer. We will be happy to explain gravestone lettering costs and the complimentary monument lettering services we perform for our customers.

Browse Examples of Etched Scenes and Images Used in Memorial Designs (More Info >)

  • A popular memorial option is to have a scene or image etched into a headstone or monument design.
  • These custom features are popular with families in the Pittsburgh area, in part due to the expertise of our craftsman and creativity of our designers. 
  • Rome Monument of Pittsburgh specializes in designing cemetery memorials and grave markers that incorporate etched scenes and images. 
  • Families choose to use etched scenes and images in the design of a tombstone because of the special meaning they have and convey.
  • Hand and laser etching are two ways we add detailed images onto granite memorials.
  • Click Here to View Pictures of Headstone Etching Designs with Monument Etching Designs in Our Design Gallery >
  • Each design includes a ballpark price range. Headstones with etched portraits are for sale and can be ordered at one of our Pittsburgh area showrooms.

Rome Monument Provides On-Site Cemetery Monument and Memorial Lettering and Engraving Services (More Info >)

  • Rome Monument frequently places inscriptions and engravings on headstones, gravestones and memorials that have already been set in a cemetery in Pittsburgh.
  • Click here to view pictures of the on-site cemetery monument engraving process.
  • We also perform on-site stone engraving and lettering services for churches, businesses, schools, civic organizations and other groups that need monumental stone engraved and lettering performed on-site.
  • Occasionally we will send our mobile engraving and lettering team to homes and residential communities to perform on-site engraving for house numbers, addresses and signs that need to be engraved in stone.
  • Call 724-770-0100 for prices for on-site cemetery monument engraving services and other types of mobile stone engraving services.