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Browse Pictures of Monument Designs By The Type Of Artwork and Get Prices

Rome Monument specializes in carving, engraving, etching and sculpting personalized artwork in the design of the monuments we build. Browse designs by the type of artwork for granite and bronze monuments, memorials, gravestones, cemetery benches, headstones, gravemarkers and mausoleums. Click on the images below to browse monument designs that feature the following types of artwork; Musical Instruments and Symbols, Profession and Career Artwork, Wedding Rings, Bands and Dates, Porcelain Pictures, Etched Portraits, Engraved Sports Themes and Symbols, Family Heritage Imagery, Outdoor Scene Artwork, Flowers, Hobbies And Interests, Religious Symbolism, Angel Artwork, Animal Artwork and Scenes, Emblems, Logos and Symbols, Etched Epitaphs and Inscriptions, Heart Shapes and Imagery, Hunting and Fishing Artwork and Transportation, Vehicle and Car Artwork.

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If you find a good example of a monument with special artwork that  you would like built, you can add it “My Family's Favorite Designs”, share the design on social media, email the design to a family member,  request a price estimate and much more. To schedule a meeting in a showroom to discuss a design, for prices or to order this type of memorial, call 724-770-0100 or click here to contact us. All carving and lettering is done in-house by Rome Monument's certified master carvers in the company’s 30,000-square-foot manufacturing space in Monaca, PA at the Rome Monument Works Artisan Center.