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Free Monument Engraving Services

Free Monument Lettering for Memorials and Monuments

Rome Monument of Pittsburgh offers free unlimited text lettering and engraving on one surface of every monument we create. Monument and gravemarker lettering is a service that we provide at no cost but be aware that certain restrictions do apply to the size of the text in the lettering.  For more information about our free monument engraving and lettering services, call 724-770-0100 or click here to submit an online inquiry to a memorial designer. We will be happy to explain gravestone lettering costs and the complimentary monument lettering services we perform for our customers.

The certified master carvers at Rome monument are experts at lettering and engraving for memorials, headstones, gravestones and gravemarkers made from granite and marble, although granite is the most common material used. Bronze lettering for monuments is done through a casting process. Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience at inscribing letters, words, phrases, quotes and epitaphs in a decorative fashion on cemetery markers and public monuments. Typical lettering placed on monuments includes the name of the deceased and their date of birth and death as well as epitaphs and sayings. We normally perform monument lettering on the forward-facing side of the gravestone. In some cases, our master carvers will also place inscriptions on the reverse side of the gravemarker. We rarely place inscriptions around the edges of the stone or on the base, although we are certainly profficient at this process and would be happy to perform this monument lettering as well. Click here to see an example of a headstone with lettering on the base of the monument.

You can choose from many different types of engraving and fonts for monument lettering. Traditional fonts are the most popular because they are the most legible. We can also use different languages and alphabets for monument lettering and engraving. Click here to view monuments we have engraved for Jewish families using the Hebrew alphabet. Epitaphs that are lettered on monuments are short snippets of text that commemorate the deceased.  Click here for ideas for inscriptions and epitaphs.  Some people will tell one of our memorialists, their best friend, spouse, significant other, domestic partner, life partner, or family members what epitaph they want inscribed or lettered on their tombstone before they pass. In other cases, their family or someone else close to the deceased will decide upon the gravestone epitaph after they have passed away. Verses, quotes and sayings that are lettered on monuments can touch on a variety of subjects such as religion, the Bible, the career of the deceased, their hobbies or interests, military service, their family life, passions or lifetime achievements. Epitpahs often pay tribute in some fashion to the deceased's attitude towards love, dignity, mortality, afterlife and respect for the devine. Other epitaphs are related to the deceased's appreciation for their culture, philosophies, world views, social organizations and groups, ethics and the goodness of humanity and other religious and existential concepts.

For more information about our free monument engraving and lettering services, call 724-770-0100, visit a showroom in Pittsburgh or click here to submit an online inquiry to a memorial designer.