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How to Purchase a Monument or Memorial

How to Purchase a Monument, Headstone, Gravestone, Grave Marker, Memorial Bench or Mausoleum

Brief Summary

There are a number of ways to purchase a monument or memorial from Rome Monument in Pittsburgh, PA. Click on one of the 4 links below or scroll down the page for more information about each option.

The Monument or Memorial Purchasing Process

The process of purchasing a memorial can be done at one of our Pittsburgh area showrooms or, in some cases, by phone. For cemetery monument pricing information and to get more information about the costs to design headstones and memorials, call (724) 770-0100 or (412) 604-1590 or email Click here to view our design galleries to look at pictures and get ideas for monument and headstone designs.

Memorials are as varied as the individuals they memorialize. We can sit together in our Family Design Center and create the monument that is right for your memories. We guide you step-by-step through the design process, and with the aid of computers we can let you see your design options full-size before we commit them to stone. Once the memorial design is chosen, we will preserve your memories with every bit of our renowned quality and a strict attention to detail. Rome Care-Crafted monuments set the standard for the industry. Carefully selected from only the finest granite quarried in North America, Europe, Africa, and India, our stones are painstakingly engraved to your specifications. Then, our expert engraver and sculptor add their highly skilled artwork to further personalize the stone. The entire monument making process is done in-house so that we can ensure it is carried out, from start to finish, with the highest level of quality and care. It's the way our father has done it for fifty years, and it's the way we'll be doing it years from now. The members of our community have learned they can count on the Rome family, and we've learned how to best serve their needs. That's what being a family business means to us. And that's the reason Rome has become the most trusted name in personalized cemetery memorials and monuments.

Schedule A Design Meeting at A Showroom to Place a Monument or Memorial Order

Monument, headstone, gravestone and memorial orders are typically placed at a showroom. Call 724-770-0100 to schedule a meeeting at a showroom, just stop by the showroom closest to you or submit an online request for a design meeting at a showroom. The process of purchasing a monument or memorial may involve a number of steps so be patient. Understand that the commissioning of a monument or memorial is not something that should be rushed and it may require more than one meeting at a showroom. Our memorialists will help make you comfortable during the process and will give you as much time as you need to learn about all your memorial options. Only when you are satisfied that you understand everything and approve of all the memorial specifications will we accept your order.

Listed below are the Rome Monument showroom locations in the Pittsburgh, PA area. View Google Maps, pictures of the showrooms and get phone numbers, contact and business hours information. Then stop by a showroom for a visit or schedule a design meeting at a showroom.

Learn About the Monument Ordering Process at a Showroom

  • Usually, in most cases, specific prices for the design and construction of a memorial and monument are determined through the design process which is conducted at a showroom.
  • This design process is essentially a dialogue between our customer and one of our memorialists. This process enables our memorialist to define what what the customer want in terms of the specific details of the monument design.
  • We will help you choose a granite color, granite quality, memorial size, carving and engraving options and memorial accessories.
  • Once the details of the monument design are formulated and agreed upon, we will provide you with a specific price.
  • This process often starts with an online inquiry, perhaps a few emails back and forth, maybe a few phone calls and eventually proceeds to a design meeting at one of our local showrooms. Most prices are finalized after one or more design meetings at one of our showrooms in the Pittsburgh area.

Overivew of Showrooms With Locations and Phone Numbers

  • Rome Monument Showroom and Main Office in Rochester, PA, 724-770-0100, (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument Showroom in Moon Township, PA, 412-604-1590, (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument and Donatelli Granite Company Showroom in Pittsburgh, PA, 412-321-2235, (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument and Urbach Memorials Showroom in Pittsburgh, PA, 412-421-8655, (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument Nelson Branch in East McKeesport, PA, 412-823-1900, (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument Tri-Boro Branch Showroom in Zelienople, PA, 724-601-6221 (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument at Melrose Cemetery/Warchol Funeral Home in Bridgeville, PA, 412-604-1590 (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument Showroom in Butler, PA, 724-601-6221, (More Info >)
  • Donatelli Cemetery Memorials Showroom in Pittsburgh, PA 412-321-2235, (More Info >)
  • Nelson Memorials Showroom in East McKeesport, PA, 412-823-1900, (More Info >)
  • East Suburban Memorials in East McKeesport, PA, 412-823-1900, (More Info >)
  • Campbell Horigan Memorials in Moon Township, PA,  412-604-1590, (More Info >)
  • Simon White’s Sons Monuments Showroom in Pittsburgh, PA, 412-604-1590, (More Info >)
  • Rome Monument Artisan Center in Monaca, PA, 724-770-0100, (More Info >)


Place Your Order For a Monument or Memorial Product or Service Over the Telephone

If you know what product or service you want to order, please call 724-770-0100 or select a showroom phone number from the list below.  Payment types accepted over the telephone include MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Some orders can be handled completely over the telephone. These types of orders are usually small items, accessories or basic grave markers. The design and ordering process for typical headstones and gravestones can start with an informal and preliminary order over the telephone but we normally suggest that a design meeting take place at a showroom so that the memorial options can be defined. Once the cemetery monument design specifics have been documented, a firm price will be quoted and the ordering and payment process can commence. In the event that you have already been provided with a definite price for a headstone, gravestone or memorial product or service at a prior design meeting or consultation, you are welcome to call our main office at 724-770-0100 or your local showroom to place the order and make a payment if applicable.


Download Brochures From Rome Monument To Learn About Memorial Options and Guidelines For Selecting a Monument

Click on the links below to download PDF format brochures. Get headstone design ideas and guidelines for selecting and designing a cemetery monument. Read about gravestone craftsmenship and carving options.  Learn about the jewelry and memorials available at our Rome Inspirations store in Rochester, PA. Consider options for a bronze memorial or learn about our Christmas and Flower Memorial Decoration Program.  Visit a showroom in Western, Pennsylvania to order a monument or gravestone. If you would like a full color brochure mailed to your residence or workplace, click here to request a brochure by mail or call our main office at 724-770-0100.


To order a monument, headstone, gravestone or cemetery memorial product or service over the telephone call 724-770-0100. Pay with Visa, MasterCard or Discover.


Learn How To Place An Order For a Headstone, Monument or Memorial Online

Find a Monument or Memorial You Like in the Rome Monument Design Gallery

  • The design process starts with ideas for a memorial or monument. Start by browsing our Design Gallery.
  • As you browse pictures of memorials built by Rome Monument of Pittsburgh, you will start to understand how headstones, gravestones, memorial benches, grave markers and mausoleums are designed and what they cost.
  • Click Here to Start Browsing the Design Gallery >

How To Place Your Headstone or Memorial Order Online

  • When you find a specific headstone or gravestone in the Design Gallery that you like, place an online order by clicking on the button to the right of the memorial picture titled "Place Your Order For This Design."
  • Then complete the form and submit it.
  • The design and ordering process for typical headstones and gravestones often starts with an informal and preliminary online order submission.
  • Once we receive your order information we will follow up with you to work out the memorial designs specifics such as granite color, memorial size, custom carving options and other details.
  • Once the cemetery monument design specifics have been documented, a firm price will be quoted and the ordering and payment process can commence.
  • Most purchase orders are completed at a showroom in Pittsburgh after an initial online order has been submitted and we have worked out the details with you.

Memorial and Monument Payment Options

Rome Monument offers a 36 month interest free installment payment option. Call 724-770-0100 for detailed information. Other payment options include the following.

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit Card
  • Money Order
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Cashier's Check

Warranties and Our Guarantee

  • Rome Monuments offers a money back guarantee for every memorial we sell against defects in material or workmanship.
  • Rome Monument owned showrooms are proud to be the ONLY memorialist in Western Pennsylvania able to offer Genuine Rock of Ages cemetery memorials and gravestones backed by the Rock of Ages Perpetual Warranty that is protected by a Perpetual independent Trust Company.

Where to Order Monuments and Memorials

  • Our main showroom is located in Rochester, PA at 300 West Park Street, Rochester, PA 15074. Call 724-770-0100 and ask for Vince Dioguardi or Chris Morgan. Either memorialist can schedule a meeting at the most appropriate showroom location in the Pittsburgh area so that you can start the design process and eventually place your order.
  • Click here to see a complete list of the showrooms you can visit to place your monument or memorial order.


Request an In-Home Monument or Memorail Design Consultation Meeting at Your Home or Workplace

To request an in-home monument or headstone design consultation meeting from Rome Monument call 724-770-0100. One of our memorialists will be happy to talk with you about your ideas and plans for a memorial in the privacy of your own home.

Rome Monument understand the difficulties that some of our customers will endure if they are required to visit one of our showrooms in the Pittsburgh area to discuss a monument design or to place an order. As expected, many of our customers are elderly and either can not drive or don't have a convenient method for traveling to a showroom. Rome Monument offers interested parties headstone and gravestone design consultations in the privacy of their own residence whenever possible. No-obligation, in-home gravestone design consultations are available locally in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area. During these design consultations, a memorialist will explain gravemarker styles and types, granite monument colors, monument sizes, engraving options, memorial accessories and the delivery and installation process. Payments can also be processed during in-home design consultations.  In some cases, our memorialists will also travel to visit with a potential customer at their workplace to make the process more convenient. Some of our clients are just too darn busy with their career and family responsibilities to visit a showroom. Just call us and we will talk with you to see what can be arranged.