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Double Crypt Mausoleums For Sale

For over eighty years, Rome Monument has specialized in the design and manufacture of custom private two-crypt mausoleums that we construct in cemeteries and on personal, private, and public property. 2-crypt mausoleums, also referred to as double, companion or couple’s mausoleums, are free-standing granite structures with crypts for two people, generally a husband and wife, spouses, or significant others. With this type of mausoleum, couples can rest close to each other for eternity.  There are three basic types of 2-crypt mausoleums: an above ground, free-standing burial vault with room for two crypts that hold each casket; a building with two crypt openings on the outside (Garden Mausoleum); a walk-in building with the crypt openings on the inside and spaces for sentimental artifacts and memorial accessories such as statuary, sculptures, murals, vases, pictures, stained glass windows and more (Chapel Mausoleum). Crypts can be placed side-by-side (couch crypt) or one in front of the other (in-and-over crypt), and with or without a wall in between. Side-by-side crypt mausoleums and basic private family small double-crypt private mausoleums start at $23K.  Companion crypt mausoleums and two crypt 'stacked' (one on top of the other) mausoleums start at $22K.  Watch a video to learn how to purchase a private family mausoleum.
Couples often choose double-crypt mausoleums with above ground burial over in-ground graves for their resistance to damage from flooding and underground water issues, larger surface areas and spaces for lettering and artwork, protection for visitors from the elements, long-lasting granite beauty, as an expression of the majesty of their love for each other, and simply for the fact, with a mausoleum, couples do not have to be apprehensive about being buried underground. A custom-built private 2-crypt mausoleum designed and built by the expert artists, architects and engineers at Rome Monument often includes symbols and imagery that convey the love shared by the couple, as well as their personal achievements, accomplishments, hobbies, interests and their specific nationality or religion.  The cost of a two-crypt mausoleum is based on the size, style, shape, design, number and nature of accessories, and materials used. You can select from a wide variety of granite colors in different price ranges. Call 724-770-0100 for prices for double crypt mausoleums or click here to request a price estimate for a 2 crypt mausoleum. Rome Monument is a Pittsburgh-based mausoleum company that makes the highest quality two-crypt mausoleums for families throughout the United States. Rome Monument is a mausoleum construction company, mausoleum contractor and mausoleum builder with over 80 years of experience as a design/builder of private family mausoleums for cemeteries and memorial parks.  Our mausoleum construction standards are rigorous and meticulous.