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Walk-In Family Mausoleums With Indoor Vestibules For Sale


Call Vince Dioguardi at Rome Monument at 724-770-0100, or email him at to order this type of mausoleum (US only).

Classical Revival Architectural Design Style Private Family Mausoleum

This type of mausoleum is private walk-in structure, with working entry doors, that can be made with granite and bronze, that open up to reveal a tranquil interior room, foyer or indoor vestibule.

Get Mausoleum Design Ideas From This Guide To Private Walk-in And Non Walk-in Mausoleums

In Chapter 5 of the 2023 Essential Buyers’ Guide to Private Family Mausoleums, you’ll learn about the difference between walk-in and non walk-in mausoleum – their features, benefits and prices.

  • Private family walk-in mausoleums are reserved for one family only and have crypt openings or niches (for cremains) on the inside of the structure.
  • They contain artwork and remembrances.  
  • Some private family non walk-in mausoleums look just like walk-in mausoleums from the outside with an entrance door for decoration only.
  • The crypt openings are on the outside of the mausoleum. Non-walk-in mausoleums can be any size and for any number of crypts.

The Rome Monument Construction Team Makes Family Mausoleum Design Ideas Come True

Serving Private Individuals, Families, Cemetery Owners/Operators, Funeral Directors, Memorial Gardens, Community Mausoleums, Burial Parks And Other Monument Builders Throughout North America

In the video above, you can watch how Rome Monument mausoleum builders designed and constructed the Pappen private family estate granite mausoleum on-site on the grounds of the Beaver Cemetery & Mausoleum in Beaver, Pennsylvania. 

2023 Essential Buyers Guide to Private Family Mausoleums [Types, Designs, Granite, Costs, Builders]

  • In this full-length version of the 2023 Essential Buyers Guide to Private Family Mausoleums, you'll learn what you need to know in order to make a smart, informed decision about purchasing a mausoleum for your family's final resting place.
  • Each chapter covers an important topic about mausoleums.
  • We offer tips about ordering a mausoleum, what to look for in mausoleum design, materials, and construction so you know you're getting a high quality mausoleum for generation after generation of your family to enjoy, pricing for different types of mausoleums, information on cemetery mausoleum plots, purchasing pre-need, and so much more. 


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