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Choose a Granite Color for a Memorial, Monument or Headstone

Click on the images below to view monuments and mausoleums built from black colored granite, blue pearl colored granite, grey colored granite, mahogany colored granite, red colored granite, rose colored granite and white colored granite.  Rome Monument specializes in selling, designing and building monuments made from a wide variety of granite colors. Granite is some of the oldest stone on earth. Born of ancient volcanoes, the stone is magma that has cooled slowly to form large rock crystals. It is this crystal structure that gives the granite its unique luster and strength, Granite is the second hardest substance next to a diamond, making it the perfect material to preserve a memory.

Different quarries yield different mineral compositions in the stones, accounting for variations in durability and color. The composition of Rome Monument genuine Rock of Ages granite is high in quartz and feldspar, making it more durable than many other varieties of granite. The quarries we use in the United States, Canada, and Africa are rigorously selected for this durability as well as the rich color of their stone. It is true that many other granites exist and can be used for a memorial; however these other granites do not meet the quality standards of Rome Monument and Rock of Ages.  You can see examples of our colors in the granite samples below.  Grave markers and gravestone made from the granite colors you see below come in a variety of shapes and sizes and incorporate artwork, etchings, engravings, bas relief, and sculpted elements in the design.

Find, Save and Share Designs You Like

If you find a monument or memorial granite color design that you like you can add it “My Family's Favorite Designs”, share the design on social media, email the design to a family member,  request a price estimate and much more.  After you choose your favorite granite color you can then schedule a meeting in a showroom to discuss a design by calling 724-770-0100 or clicking here to contact us.