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Customer FAQs

Read Questions Frequently Asked (FAQs) by Rome Monument Clients and Our Corresponding Answers Regarding the Purchase of Memorials, Pittsburgh Cemetery Restrictions, Burials Lots and Grave Spaces

Q1:  Is the monument retailer a local businessman?
A: It is important to do business with a person and a firm that are local to your community, someone who has a commitment to your community, a real stake in it. You want a firm that is stable, has been around for awhile, and has an honest business reputation.

Q2:  Is the monument retailer willing and capable of providing you with a personalized cemetery memorial?
A: The monument retailer has the ability to listen to what you tell him or her about yourself, your loved one, your family, in order to help you create a cemetery memorial that is beautiful - from an aesthetic point of view - as well as distinctive. Because Rome Monument believes that every person is unique with special qualities worthy of memorializing, we help you find expression for these qualities through a personalized design.

Q3:  Is the monument retailer willing to work with you in advance, if you decide to purchase a monument before the need arises?
A: Rome Monument welcomes the opportunity of helping you plan your cemetery memorial in advance. This is becoming more popular as families want to create their own memorial - one that reflects their life, their interests, their beliefs, and their accomplishments. Such a purchase can be made without grief and will guarantee that your cemetery memorial will happen as you want it to.

Q4:  Does the cemetery allow upright memorials?
A: This may seem like a basic question, and it is. Many cemeteries or cemetery memorial parks allow no upright memorials whatsoever. Lot owners are restricted to bronze or granite flush markers, which lie even with the grass, and are often hidden beneath the grass.

Q5:  Does the cemetery require you to purchase a specific number of grave spaces in order to place a monument?
A: If this is true, you should know it at the time of purchase to make certain you buy sufficient space to allow for a monument. You do not want to buy a two-grave lot today and then, 20 years from now when you might have a need to use it, find out you cannot put a monument on it.

Q6:  Does the cemetery have any restrictions as to the size of the monument it will allow?
A:  This does not need to become a problem because a good memorialist, like Rome, can be very creative in designing a monument to fit the space; however, you should know in advance what restrictions apply.