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Granite and Stone Signage for Businesses

Rome Monument Designs and Manufactures Granite, Bronze, Sandstone and Limestone Signage for Residential and Commercial Entities

Rome Monument of Pittsburgh is a full service commercial sign manufacturer specializing in granite, bronze, sandstone and limestone signage.  We design stone signage at our Rochester, PA studio. Our production facility is located in Monaca, PA. We design, custom engrave, handcraft, deliver, construct and install signs for businesses, individuals, families and organizations. For more information or prices call 724-770-0100. 

If you would like to engage us to design a sign for your location please feel free to email your artwork, sign concept or logo to us, please send it to  When it comes to selecting an expert granite, stone and bronze sign manufacturer our customers rely on Rome Monument to design and manufacture traditional or contemporary stone signs that will look distinctive and last for decades. We often collaborate with other sign designers and architects and enjoy the experience of working together on a sign project.

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Types of  Custom Engraved, Etched, Sculpted and Carved Stone Signage and Decorative Stones We Design and Make

  • Commercial Address Stones
  • Custom Engraved Outdoor Signage
  • Commercial Architectural Accents
  • Engraved Business Signs
  • Custom Granite Outdoor Signs
  • Custom Bronze Signs and Plaques
  • Residential Community Entrance Signs
  • Engraved Commercial Signs
  • Custom Stone Signs for Historical Markers and Landmarks
  • Engraved Sorority and Fraternity Signs
  • Engraved "Welcome To" Commercial and Residential Signs
  • Engraved Signs for Hospitals
  • Engraved Signs for Commercial Buildings
  • Engraved Signs for Architects
  • Engraved Signs for Building Contractors
  • Engraved Signs for Libraries
  • Engraved Signs for Gated Communities
  • Engraved Signs for Nature Trails
  • Engraved Signs for Museums
  • Engraved Signs for Other Sign Companies
  • Engraved Signs for Public Buildings
  • Engraved Signs for Granite Boulders
  • Engraved Signs for Schools
  • Engraved Polished Stone Signs
  • Engraved Signs for Retail Establishments
  • Engraved Signs for Entry Monuments
  • Engraved Signs for Schools
  • Engraved Directional Signs
  • Engraved Signs for Homeowners Associations
  • Engraved Signs for Real Estate Companies and Developers
  • Custom Engraved Cast Bronze Signs
  • Engraved Signs for Golf Courses
  • Engraved Signs for Academic Institutions
  • Engraved Signs for Farms and Ranches
  • Engraved Signs for Landscaping Companies
  • Engraved Signs for Houses, Condos, Housing Projects and Apartments
  • Engraved Signs for Churches
  • Engraved Signs for Resorts, Motels, Hotels and Resorts
  • Engraved Signs for Cemeteries
  • Engraved Signs for Government Buildings
  • Engraved Signs for Monument Companies
  • Engraved Signs for Clubs and Fraternal Organizations
  • Engraved Signs for Residential Subdivisions
  • Engraved Signs for Funeral Homes
  • Granite Signs for Banks
  • Engraved Signs for Flagpole Bases
  • Engraved Signs for Corporate Office Parks

Types of Stone and Materials We Use

  • Granite
  • Bronze
  • Limestone
  • Native Rock
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Boulders


  • Design
  • Etching
  • Sculpting
  • Lettering
  • Bronze Casting
  • Stone Cutting
  • Custom Engraving
  • Sandblasting
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Construction
  • Assembly
  • Clearning and Restoration