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Talk to a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor

It Helps To Talk To a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor -- Call 724-770-0100 Or Complete the Form Below

To wisely choose the right cemetery, burial plots or monument or memorial products for your needs, talk to a Pittsburgh cemetery planning advisor first to get sound advice on important cemetery considerations. A cemetery provides a variety of grave, mausoleum, columbarium, tomb or above-ground vault choices along with interment, burial and related services. Selecting the cemetery that’s just right can be difficult for grieving families with no experience in the burial, interment or funeral process. Fortunately, Rome Monument’s experienced Pittsburgh cemetery planning advisors can answer all your cemetery burial and interment questions quickly and professionally and help you make the best decision—just call us anytime at 724-770-0100.

Cemeteries are not all created equal. Each has its own features, service strengths, advantages and weaknesses. Half the battle is knowing enough about a particular cemetery to really understand its rules, facilities, capabilities, limitations, and what will be provided. Mourning families need a cemetery that makes burial and interment as easy, accommodating, and memorable as possible—not one that adds stress to the occasion by not being up to the task. Families want cemetery services that can turn a sad, difficult event into a memorable and respectful family experience.

There are hundreds of cemeteries in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Western Pennsylvania. If you would like any type of information about a cemetery in the Western Pennsylvania call us at 724-770-0100 or complete the form below.  A great way to make a smart cemetery choice is to first speak with a Pittsburgh cemetery planning advisor at Rome Monument. With many locations throughout the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, and a lot of our own customer feedback through many years, we have an intimate knowledge of these cemeteries and their rules, regulations and restrictions and are uniquely qualified to provide solid advice and useful recommendations on selecting the right cemetery. Call 724-770-0100 to talk to a Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisor or schedule a free consultation. We can answer most questions about cemeteries and memorial parks in the following Pennsylvania counties; Allegheny County, Mercer County, Armstrong County, Beaver County, Butler County, Fayette County, Greene County, Lawrence County, Washington County, Venango County, Clarion County, Crawford County and Westmoreland CountyWe also work with estate planning attorneys and probate attorneys who frequently have questions about cemeteries and burial options.

When considering cemetery options, a number of factors are worth close attention:

  • Location — Your cemetery should be conveniently located for visitation by family and friends, and within a reasonable distance of religious service, and other funeral-related events. Part of buying a cemetery plot is ensuring that it is accessible and accommodating to mourners for years to come.
  • Quality of Facility/Amenities — How many visitors can be properly accommodated in comfort and a style suitable to the occasions of burial and visitation. Does the cemetery have the type of facilities needed (e.g., such as handicapped bathrooms, a private holding room before a service, etc.)? Are on-site facilities, gardens, landscapes aesthetically appealing in a manner that will ensure a respectful, inviting and positive experience for visitors?
  • Burial Services Offered — Many cemeteries are religiously or culturally affiliated, and capable of properly accommodating related needs and protocols. Some cemeteries are well equipped to accommodate most any ceremonial, procedural or other burial-service need. Others are not. Does the cemetery offer the goods or services you want to purchase? Does the cemetery management understand your religious or cultural needs and can the cemetery properly accommodate your religious or cultural customs through the burial or other interment process?
  • Rules, Regulations, Restrictions — The rules and regulations vary significantly from one cemetery to another, and from one section to another within many cemeteries. When considering a cemetery or a cemetery section it is fundamental to fully understand the rules established for graves, vaults, headstones, markers, etc. in that location before agreeing to purchase a plot.
  • Cremation Options — If you’re planning a cremation, does the cemetery permit and accommodate burial plots and interment niches for cremated remains?
  • Funeral Options and Services — Some cemeteries operate their own funeral homes.
  • Dedication to Customer Needs — Is the cemetery dedicated to helping you achieve your burial and interment vision in accord with your beliefs and values?
  • General Price List Disclosure — Does the cemetery provide customers with a written, itemized price list separately identifying all the items and services the cemetery offers, and the cost of each one, and a list of all costs associated with purchasing a burial plot. Does the cemetery make each service available separately, in compliance with law? Does the cemetery offer pricing explanations for the different types of burial plots, and price variations depending on the number of plots purchased?
  • Location Impact on Plot Pricing — Location of a grave within a cemetery affects pricing. Cemeteries often feature architecturally appealing buildings, exquisite statuary, stained-glass chapels, beautiful and open pastoral landscapes, quiet, contemplative and peaceful environs, tree-lined drives, stands of mature trees, sweeping vistas, tranquil fountains, ponds and lakes, park-like atmospheres, historic surroundings, top-notch security and well maintained grounds for which they often charge a premium. The better the location, the higher the price. Be sure your cemetery adequately discloses price variations for burial plots and gravesites in these different environs.
  • Full Disclosure — Does the cemetery director or sales representative answer all your questions and provide accurate information and guidance?
  • Pricing — Does the cemetery offer its goods and services at affordable and reasonable prices? Are the products and services provided and accommodations a good value? How do burial plot prices, the costs to open and close a grave, and burial-vault prices compare with those of other Pittsburgh area cemeteries?Options for Remains — Will the cemetery explain all your plot, grave, burial and interment options and accommodate your preferences concerning disposition of loved one’s bodily or cremated remains.
  • Cemetery Grounds and Monument Maintenance — Anyone purchasing a grave or burial plot or other interment location must pay particular attention to how the cemetery maintains its grounds and monuments. The Pittsburgh cemetery planning advisors at Rome Monument know which cemeteries place a priority on lawn and grave-marker maintenance and care. This is very important because when cemeteries don’t meticulously prevent water and other environmental problems damage can be serious. Also pay close attention to and ask about “Perpetual care and maintenance” funding arrangements for the future of the cemetery operation. Be sure that the cemetery has the arrangements in place to ensure maintenance and care in perpetuity.

In addition, we will provide you with a list of questions to ask cemetery operators to help you make a decision on which best suits your needs.

The more advice and insight you get before selecting a cemetery in Pittsburgh, the better. This is why the Pittsburgh Cemetery Planning Advisors at Rome Monuments (Cris Morgan and Vince Dioguardi) are always willing to share their industry knowledge with families that want the best cemetery and burial service possible within their budget. You can trust Rome Monument to point you in the right direction. We’ve dealt with cemeteries on a daily basis for three generations—and we know the best, the worst, and the unique.

If you need help selecting a cemetery and the right cemetery services and products, just call us at 724-770-0100 and one of our Pittsburgh cemetery planning advisors will help you get the answers you need to arrange for the right cemetery prudently and effectively—and with as little pain as possible. We know Pittsburgh’s cemeteries—it’s our business.