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Questions About Cemetery Arrangements

Call Rome Monument at 724-770-0100 To Discuss Your Questions About Making or Planning Cemetery Arrangements

Ask Rome Monument about options for cemetery arrangements, funerals, interments, traditional ground burials, cremation inurnments and natural and "green" burials available in the Pittsburgh area. We will be happy to answer questions you have about the different types of burial choices families in Southwestern Pennsylvania can make.  Feel free to call Rome Monument at 724-770-0100 to talk to us about burial vaults, caskets, funeral homes, cremation providers, cemetery monuments and headstones. Click here for contact information for cemeteries in Pittsburgh.

Rome Monument provides compassionate support for families that want assistance with funeral and burial planning.  Rome Monunment offers help to families in Pittsburgh during their quest to find the best funeral home for a specific type of memorial service. We can help with planning for funerals and burials, writing and publishing a fitting obituary, purchasing grave space and burial plots in cemeteries or deciding on a memorial or monument option. This is a free service we perform at no charge or cost to people who live in the City of Bridges because we want to make a difference.  Click here for a list of select funeral homes in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania with website addresses, phone numbers and street addresses.

Click here to view pictures of monuments and memorials that were designed and built by Rome Monument that are now located in cemetery in Pittsburgh.