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$787 Spouse Bronze Grave Marker Matches Veterans (VA)

Memorial Product ID Number: 10440


Additional Product Information

We will email you a digital rendering for your review and approval within 2-3 business days.

8 - 10 Weeks

Order A Matching Military Grave Markers for A Veteran's Spouse From $787+
Spouses and family members of U.S. military veterans order flat bronze grave markers for $787 from Rome Monument that match the free headstones supplied by the government to veterans.
$787.00 Matthews Government Spouse Match Bronze Marker
Price includes Name, 4 words of inscription such as BELOVED WIFE MOTHER GRANDMOTHER, dates of birth and passing, religious emblem of belief, set of hardware and shipping to the lower 48 states.  No punctuation is able to be used on the Government match memorials.
Price DOES NOT include - concrete or granite surround, administering/completing cemetery paperwork, any dealings with the cemetery, foundation layout, foundation construction, cemetery fees, setting, or installation.
We will create a drawing for your review before placing your order and we recommend that you present the drawing to your cemetery for their approval prior to ordering.  Memorial will arrive within 8 weeks of purchase.

Provided for sale is an affordable bronze grave marker that is indentical to what is provided to a veteran.  Shipping is included.

The flat bronze grave marker is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and has a 3/4 inch rise. The weight is about 19 pounds. Anchor bolts, nuts and washers (all hardware comes with the bronze marker) are used to attach the bronze plaque to a 28" x 16" concrete or granite base (concrete and granite not included). Spouse's and family members of veterans order flat bronze grave markers from Rome Monument that match the free headstones for veterans. Rome Monument sells, designs, manufactures and installs copies of Government-furnished headstones and bronze niche markers that honor wives, spouses and companions of U.S. military veterans.  Rome Monument also designs and manufactures custom U.S. military headstones and memorials for veteransClick here to download VA Form 40-1330, Claim For Standard Government Headstone or Marker.  As a side note, the VA also furnishes bronze medallions, upon request, to be affixed to an existing, privately purchased headstone or marker to signify the deceased status as a Veteran. This device is furnished in lieu of a traditional Government headstone or marker for Veterans who served on or after Apr. 6, 1917, and whose grave in a private cemetery is marked with a privately purchased headstone or marker.  For more information on ordering a bronze or granite grave marker that matches the design of veterans grave marker or U.S. Military headstone for a veteran, spouse or dependent, click here.

No returns accepted and nothing can be cast on the memorial once drawing is approved.

Buy a bronze grave marker for sale online or near you from $787+ from Rome Monument, here.