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Memorial Accessories

Learn About Memorial and Monument Accessories - View Pictures, Get Prices and Ordering Information

Rome Monument of Pittsburgh sells, designs, builds and installs headstone and gravestone accessories.  Monument accessories can be added to a memorial to make it more functional, versatile or aesthetically pleasing. Monument accessories such as flower vases can be attached to a cemetery monument or public memorial during construction or can be attached to a preexisting memorial.  Services such as on-site cemetery monument engraving are performed after a monument has been set in a cemetery. This is usually done because a name, birthday and death date need to be added to a companion monument. Monument accessories such as flag holders can be placed in the cemetery after the monument has been installed. These are popular with families that have veterans interred in the cemetery.  These products and services can be ordered from any showroom location. Call 724-770-0100 for prices and ordering information.

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For more information about memorial, monument, headstone, mausoleum, gravestone and grave marker accessories call 724-770-0100 for more information or visit a showroom in Pittsburgh.