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Resurrection Cemetery in Austintown, Ohio

Rome Monument designs monuments and grave markers for Resurrection Cemetery in Austintown, Ohio. We sell personalized headstones, memorial benches and mausoleums to families that will have, or currently have, a relative (s) interred in this cemetery. Our on-staff cemetery planning advisors understand the regulations, policies and rules governing the types of gravestones permitted on the grounds of the Cemetery. The cemetery is located at 300 N. Raccoon Rd.  Austintown, OH 44515. Call John Angello at 330-799-1900 for more information about purchasing a burial plot or grave this cemetery. Call 724-770-0100 for information about headstones and gravestones for this cemetery.  Minimum upright memorial size for a 2 grave lot is 36" x 8" x 24" for the tablet and 48" x 14" x 8" for the base.  Monuments should be installed 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. The cemetery is managed by the Catholic Dioces of Youngstown. A memorial application must be completed.