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How To Order A Memorial Or Mausoleum Online From Home

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Download The ""How To Order A Cemetery Monument Or Family Memorial From Home" Brochure In PDF Format

Download The "How To Order A Cemetery Mausoleum, Granite Monument Or Family Memorial Online Or From Home" Guide In PDF Format

Steps 1-5 Are Listed Below The Videos

Steps for ordering a custom designed memorial or private mausoleum from home include contacting Rome Monument, customization, receiving a quote, approving a CAD drawing, approving and paying for the order and scheduling installation.

How To Purchase a Private Family Mausoleum Online
The video above shows you examples of custom designed private family and estate mausoleums for sale by Rome Monument.
It also explains how you can order a completely customized private family cemetery mausoleum online, or from a Rome Monument showroom in the United States.
Once designed and constructed, the mausoleum is delivered, assembled and installed in the cemetery of your choice. 
Private Mausoleum Design Options, Builders And Prices [2023 US Family Mausoleum Buyers Guide]
In this condensed version of the 2023 Essential Buyers Guide to Private Family Mausoleums, you'll get an overview of what you need to know in order make an informed, smart decision on purchasing a mausoleum for your family's final resting place.
You'll learn about the different types and styles of mausoleums, your architectural design options, the importance of quality at every stage of production from the design to the installation, how to choose a cemetery, prices for mausoleums, disposition of cremated remains, and so much more.
You'll also get a sneak peak into a quality-driven mausoleum construction company.

The 5 Steps To Ordering A High Quality Cemetery Monument Or Cemetery Mausoleum Online

Step 1: Contact Us To Let Us Know You Want To Place An Order From Home

Contact us by completing the form below, calling 724-770-0100 or emailing

Step 2: Customize Your Mausoleum Or Cemetery Memorial With Us and Receive A Customized CAD Drawing By Email

Once you contact us, one of our designers, Vince Dioguardi or Chris Morgan will follow up with you to discuss the design specifics for the memorial you are ordering. 
These specifics include color, size, wording, granite quality and price.
When the specifics of your cemetery mausoleum or memorial design have been defined, our designers will create a customized CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing of your monument and a purchase order for you.
Both the CAD drawing and purchase order will be emailed to you.
To approve the CAD drawing, print the PDF, sign it and send the signed copy to us.
You can send the signed CAD drawing approval to us by USPS mail, email or fax. Email, fax to 724-770-9835 or mail to P.O. Box 106, Rochester, PA 15074.

Step 3: Receive A Mausoleum Or Memorial Price Quote And Approve Your Order

Along with the CAD drawing you receive by email, you will also receive a purchase order with a price quote for your memorial or mausolem in PDF format.
Print the PDF, and sign it to approve the purchase order.
You can then send the signed purchase order, or a copy, to us by mail, email or fax. Email, fax to 724-770-9835 or mail to P.O. Box 106, Rochester, PA 15074. 

Step 4: Pay For The Memorial Or Mausoleum

Once approve the purchase order and CAD drawing, it is time to pay for the cemetery mausoleum or memorial.
You can mail a payment with your CAD drawing and purchase order approval, pay online with a credit card using PayPal or pay over the phone.  
You can make specific payment arrangements with either Vince Dioguardi or Chris Morgan during the ordering process. 

Step 5: Schedule Your Memorial Or Mausoleum Delivery Or Installation

Work with either Vince Dioguardi or Chris Morgan during the ordering process to make arrangements to have the cemetery monument or mausoleum delivered to your home or installed in your cemetery. 


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