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Individual and Single Monuments For 1 Grave

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Rome Monument designs, manufactures and sells individual and single monuments that mark the location of one grave in a cemetery.  Rome Monument specializes in individual and single headstones and gravestones to mark the site of one burial plot. These cemetery memorials come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes and include flat markers, upright monuments, benches, sculptures and statues. Talk to the monument designers at Rome about etchings, engravings, portraits, epitaphs and inscriptions that enhance the beauty and personalize the message on each headstone. They often feature symbols and imagery that convey the specific nationality or religion of the deceased. At Rome, you can select from a wide variety of granite colors for both traditional and cremation memorials in different price ranges.

More than any other memorials we have the privilege to create; individual cemetery memorials are the most highly personalized. From accomplishments, hobbies, interests, and other meaningful memories, our in house artisans can create a lasting personal tribute for your family.  Individual cemetery memorials can be created in the following styles depending on the rules and regulations of the cemetery:

  • Flush Memorials: A flush cemetery memorial and gravestone as the name conveys will be set flat with the contour of the ground.
  • Bevel Memorials: A bevel cemetery memorial and gravestone is an above ground memorial traditionally no taller than 12 inches and has a 2 inch slope.
  • Slant Memorials: A slant cemetery memorial and gravestone has a slanted face and is traditionally taller than a bevel memorial. Unlike a bevel memorial, a slant has a smooth back which can be carved and lettered.
  • Upright Memorials: This will consist of a top piece called a die and a bottom piece called a base. An upright cemetery memorial provides a family with the maximum surface area to create a personalized tribute.

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If you find a monument or memorial that you like, you can add it to “My Family's Favorite Designs”, share the design on social media, email the design to a family member, request a price estimate and much more.  After you choose your monument design you can then schedule a meeting in a showroom to discuss a design and price by calling 724-770-0100 or clicking here to contact us.