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Cemetery Cremation Burial Options

Cemetery Cremation Burial Options in Pittsburgh, PA

There are several options available to families who wish to bury cremated remains in a cemetery. You can learn all about cemetery cremation burial options by calling Rome Monument at 724-770-0100, talk to one of our knowledgeable cremation consultants and schedule a free consultation at one of our seven convenient locations in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania.

Here are some of the options for cemetery cremation burials:  

In a burial plot

Some cemeteries allow you to buy a plot to bury your cremation urn or an urn that is placed inside a vault to preserve it from damage. The gravesite may be marked with a headstone or gravestone such as a granite flat, bevel, slant, or upright monument, bench, statue, or sculpture. Often, more than one person may be buried in a single gravesite.  

In an urn garden

Urn Gardens are relatively new areas in cemeteries where you can bury an urn in a gravesite marked with a headstone. You may also bury an urn above ground inside of a traditional memorial or in a monument that is part of the landscaped urn garden, such as a boulder, a bench, or a fountain.  

In a columbarium niche

A columbarium is a building, small structure, or wall that that contains niches for urns. There are both public columbariums for many families and private columbariums for one family only.  

In a mausoleum

Mausoleums are buildings in which the deceased bodies are entombed. Sometimes, mausoleums may contain a columbarium with niches for the storage of urns with cremated remains.

Inside a monument

Granite monuments can have a space bored out in which an urn is placed. Cemeteries often allow these memorials with niches on their grounds. Upright monuments, benches, statues, and sculptures are common cemetery monuments that hold cremated remains.  

Cemetery cremation memorials, monuments, grave markers, benches, headstones, gravestones and niches are created by the memorial artists here at Rome Monument using the finest granite available. They can be adorned with beautiful custom designs, such as etchings, engravings, bas reliefs, statues, 3D carvings, and symbols and imagery that convey the specific nationality or religion of the deceased.  They can be for any number of graves and come in a variety of styles and shapes. Cemeteries in Pittsburgh often permit the use of different monument types including cremation memorials to mark the resting place of the deceased. You can select from a wide variety of granite colors in different price ranges.

In addition to specializing in cremation memorials, the folks here at Rome Monument are certified by the ICCFA (International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association) to administer, organize, and arrange cremations, and are fully qualified to explain the cremation process, cremation costs, burial and internment services, memorialization options and other important details that will empower you and help you make the right decisions when the time arrives. We will be happy to recommend Pittsburgh-based crematories that can perform the cremation and/or funeral homes that can provide a funeral or memorial service. 

To fully understand your cemetery cremation burial options in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Western Pennsylvania, make the call now to 724-770-0100 and ask to speak with Vince Dioguardi or Chris Morgan, our Certified Cremation Specialists. The consultation is free and they will be happy to answer all your questions.