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Walk-In 16 Crypt Private Family Mausoleums For Sale


Walk-In 16 Crypt Family Mausoleum With Half Columns

Walk-in 16 crypt private family mausoleums are for sale at Rome Monument.  View pictures, watch a mausoleum video and get prices. Pictured here is a walk-in 16 crypt private family mausoleum constructed with polished rose colored granite. It features half turned columns created in a tiffany rose finish. There is a hand tooled wreath with a polished raised family initial (B) crated on the front of the roof stone.  The family walk-in mausoleum dimensions are 18'-4" x 19'-8" x 16'-4". Custom designed private family walk-in mausoleums with 2-4 crypts are for sale at Rome Monument with prices starting at $85,000. Walk-in mausoleums with 6-8 crypts start at $145K.


2023 US prices for custom 1 crypt mausoleums sold by Rome Monument start at $15K, 2 crypt mausoleums at $23K, 3 crypt mausoleums at $30K, 4 crypt mausoleums at $40K, 6 crypt family mausoleums at $45K, 8 crypt  private mausoleums at $55K, 9 crypt mausoleums at $60K and walk-in family mausoleums at $85K.

Download Our High Quality Family Mausoleum Design And Construction Catalog

Download the High Quality Private Family Mausoleum Design and Construction CatalogBrowse pictures of 1 crypt mausoleums, 2 crypt mausoleums, private family mausoleums and stately walk-in mausoleums in this PDF guide. Learn how Rome Monument designs and builds elegant mausoleums using high quality granite, impeccable construction standards and old world craftsmanship. Get an understanding of the customization and ordering processes. Learn about high-grade granite, mausoleum foundations, base courses, architectural options and landscaping considerations. 

How To Buy A Rose Granite 16 crypt Family Mausoleum with Half Columns

If you are interested in ordering a 16 crypt family mausoleum with half columns in rose granite mausoleum for your family, spouse and yourself or your parents, please consider talking with Vince Dioguardi of Rome Monument at 724-770-0100. Vince will be happy to explain how the process of ordering works, how prices are determined, your design customization options, our mausolem construction standards and the mausoleum setting and installation details. Please feel free to email Mr. Dioguardi at   Rome Monument also sells community mausoleums, private columbariums, church and community columbariums, crypts, urns, niche nameplates and plaques.

High Quality Granite Mausoleum Design and Construction Overview 


US Prices For 1 Crypt, 2 Crypt And Walk In Mausoleums [1 & 2 Person, Private & Family Mausoleums]


In Chapter 24 of The Essential Buyers’ Guide to Private Family Mausoleums, we give you ballpark figures on costs for basic types of mausoleums.
Keep in mind, the final cost is determined by factors such as type, size, style, shape, design, ornamentation, number of crypts, and materials used in the mausoleum.
These are Rome Monument, current as of 2023, and don’t include freight and installation costs.


Types & Prices Of Mausoleums For Sale: US Buyers Guide 2023 [1, 2, 3 Crypt, Private Family, Walk-In]



In Chapter 2 of The Essential Buyers Guide to Private Family Mausoleums, you’ll learn about the types and prices of mausoleums for sale. In the 2023 Essential Buyers Guide to Private Family Mausoleums, we cover the topics that will give you what you need to know to make an informed decision about buying a truly high quality private family mausoleum. Mausoleums are above ground structures that contain the crypt or crypts of the deceased. Private family mausoleums refer to any style of mausoleum that hold the bodies and remains of the family that personally commissioned the design and building of the mausoleum. Mausoleums can be built by a quality mausoleum company in any style you prefer.



Prices For Walk-in And Non Walk-in Mausoleums For Sale [Guide To Private Walk-in Granite Mausoleums]


In Chapter 5 of The Essential Buyers’ Guide to Private Family Mausoleums, you’ll learn about the difference between walk-in and non walk-in mausoleum – their features, benefits and prices. Private Family walk-in mausoleums are reserved for one family only and have crypt openings or niches (for cremains) on the inside of the structure. They contain artwork and remembrances.  
Some private family non walk-in mausoleums look just like walk-in mausoleums from the outside with an entrance door for decoration only. The crypt openings are on the outside of the mausoleum. Non-walk-in mausoleums can be any size and for any number of crypts.



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