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Weeping Angel Headstone Black Granite


Weeping Angel Headstone created in Jet Black Granite.  Can be created in many sizes and granite colors.  As depicted, the memorial was created in one solid piece to eliminate any joints.  Overall size as depicted is 48" x 14" x 48"

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A weeping angel indicates the deceased passed away at an unfortunate time or at an early age. A weeping angel is commonly seen on the grave of a child. The classic depiction of a weeping angel draped over a gravestone has its roots in William Wetmore Story's famous 1894 sculpture called "The Angel Of Grief." The sculpture was originally made in memoriam of the sculpters wife, Emelyn Story, at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. The Guardian once noted this gravestone as one of the most copied images on earth. Rome Monument has recreated this image before for the Hudson family, seen in this black granite weeping angel monument headstone. Since weeping angels have gained cultural significance, their use has expanded beyond the image of "The Angel Of Grief," and is seen in a wide variety of positions in etchings and engravings.

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