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Ordering a Monument at a Funeral Home

Advantages and Disadvantages Involved With Ordering a Monument From a Funeral Home

Families in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area can order a headstone or monument from a funeral home, cemetery or a monument retailer such as Rome Monument.

Purchasing a monument or gravestone at a funeral home is one of several ways to buy a memorial, headstone, or grave marker, and funeral directors can provide useful monument-related information and consultation, even if you decide to purchase your monument elsewhere. Most funeral directors in the "Iron City" are very familiar with the various monument makers in their region and can direct you to experts in the custom design and creation of memorials. While it’s easy to be a little confused about when and where to buy a monument, the process is fairly simple. Fortunately, we have answers and are happy to help walk you through the process. Just give us a call anytime at 724-770-0100.

It’s important to understand that funeral directors are there to assist grieving families get through a tough time and a difficult process, and part of their service is coordinating delivery of other services and products, like monuments, headstones, and markers. View pictures of monuments and headstones designed by Rome Monument and installed in Pittsburgh area cemeteries. They often offer monuments and markers as part of a funeral-service “package.” While this is convenient and appropriate for many families, the monument choices, variety, and scope of monument-related services offered by funeral homes is usually limited.

Ordering a memorial or monument is a significant investment of time and money and should commence with great consideration and care. The Monument Builders of North America recommends meticulous planning when purchasing a gravemarker.

There is no requirement that you buy your marker through the funeral home, and shopping around is usually a good idea. Give yourself time to visit with monument company designers and showrooms to fully understand the complete range of monument designs, materials, and options available to you. Monument companies will design your memorial, create it, and install it at the cemetery. Gain an understanding of costs and material and design options before deciding to purchase from your funeral service provider. Also understand that headstones, markers, or monuments come later—after the funeral service, burial or other interment—so having a marker available for the funeral itself isn’t necessary. You’ll have time to make monument-related decisions after the funeral is completed.

Monument Arrangements — When considering the purchase of a monument from a funeral service company be sure to have a dialog about the design, creation, storage, and delivery and installation services you are arranging. Ask the funeral director who they use as a source of supply, and what monument-related services and options are available through the funeral provider. Gain a clear understanding of what the funeral company is providing (service-by-service, step-by-step) and responsible for, what is included and what is not included (as distinguished from what a monument company they buy from is providing). Also inquire about delivery timeframes for completed monuments, the quality and origin of materials used in the monuments they offer, and who is responsible for “placement” of the memorial at the cemetery and what associated costs are.

It’s best to have a clear understanding of the scope of monument services and all the costs from design through placement right up front. Once your arrangements are made, keep a record of the written service agreement with your funeral-related papers.

Finally, be sure to buy the monument that’s right for you, not the monument the funeral director wants to sell you. There can be a big difference.

Ordering a monument at a funeral home can be a good idea, but do your homework first. You have the time. When possible, plan as much in advance as possible and ask a lot of questions. It’s best to relax. Breathe deeply. You can manage this.

And if you need help, just call us at 724-770-0100 and one of our funeral-planning specialists will help you get the answers you need to arrange for and buy a suitable memorial headstone, marker or monument for your loved one’s gravesite prudently and effectively and with as little pain as possible.    Click here for a list of select funeral homes in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Beaver County, Butler County, Fayette County, Greene County, Lawrence County, Washington County and Westmoreland County Pennsylvania with website addresses, phone numbers and street addresses.